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Created on February 12th 2007

tedhickman_090306.jpg Ted Hickman is currently a weekly columnists and Outdoor Editor for Dixon’s Independent Voice newspaper…a paper he once started and owned under the name of “The Dixon Newspaper.” The paper is mailed to everyone in the 95620 zip code which encompasses hundreds of square miles and has thousands of readers in rural Northern California (and on this web site). He also holds a State of California Real Estate license; runs an 80 acre family ranch (with a bass pond and duck pond) and manages the families’ trust properties.

He has written over 130 straight weekly tongue-in-cheek columns for this paper based on his original column from the 1960’s and 70’s called “That’s Life”. He does special photo journalism features on things like a cruise to Alaska, a trip to Maui and hunting trips to Canada and elsewhere. Ted has hunted in most of the western states, Canada and Mexico. As an additional hobby he has studied and photographed (both 35mm and digital) amazing scenery plus animal and plant species on his trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Mexico, Canada, Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

He has received First Place State (CNPA) and National Awards from the National Newspaper Association for journalism and has had stories appear in major newspapers and outdoor magazines including the state of California’s Outdoor Magazine. He has also received over 50 awards for both business and community involvement including the local “Citizen of the Year Award,” served 12 years as an elected city councilman and he was once nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

He, his wife Linda and their two sons Trey 30, and Joel 27, have all hunted and fished throughout Northern California and shot tournament archery all the way up to national and International Competition. They have all been certified soccer referees and coaches. Ted and Trey have been NAA archery instructors, State Certified Soccer Referees and Ted is still a certified USSF Soccer Referee and Instructor. Ted has trained his own bird dogs, both pointers and retrievers, for over 30 years.

Ted and Trey hunted moose way back in British Columbia the past two years. Among the three of them they have taken many species. Joel took a huge Bison two years ago and Ted and Trey took trophy Elk plus Trey has a Boone and Crocket Antelope he took from public property in a statewide California drawing and is in the book as one of the tops ever taken in California. Trey and Joel have both harvested wild Russian Boars, black tail deer and Trey and Ted have taken many wild turkeys.

Locally they hunt dove, pheasant (hundreds with bow, gun, pointers and retrievers), ducks and geese along with black tail deer and fish for black bass and other warm water species…quite a lifestyle change for a young man and woman coming to California from Dayton, Ohio in the mid 60’s where Ted took over as Editor of the Dixon Tribune newspaper.

We welcome and stories and/or pictures hunters or fisherpersons have, with a description, to post on this site to share with our fellow outdoors persons. Just email your information to tedhick@gmail.com.

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