18th 2017
In Case You’ve been living in a cave…

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… and you haven’t heard…

… there is going to be a total solar eclipse on Monday morning only partially visible in Dixon. You wanna see the whole thing? Then you better take off for Oregon this weekend. And when you do, and you spend the time and the money don’t forget what I’m telling you… you’ll probably be disappointed. It gets kind of darkish and everything may have a strange orangish glow… but that’s it. I remember how disappointed we were after the last one here 38 years ago. We expected total darkness during the day; the sun’s light is being blocked out right? The totality of the whole thing takes place in a matter of minutes and is truly underwhelming and not proportionate to the hype.

Starting just after the noon hour EST, the eclipse will cast a 70-mile shadow along a path stretching from Oregon to South Carolina, effectively blocking all that solar power from reaching energy grids. California will be the biggest hit as solar power on some days serves as much as 40 percent of the state’s energy load.


However in California, residents won’t get the full effect. It’ll only be a partial eclipse as the moon covers only part of the sun. If you’re still interested in watching the partial eclipse, it will occur roughly between the hours of 9 a.m. and 11:45 a.m.

“At about 9:05 a.m. there will be the first little sort of a bite — a tiny little nibble — taken out of the top of the sun,” the director of the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, E.C. Krupp, told the Los Angeles Times. “Over time it will get larger because the moon is moving more and more into the sun.” 

So stay home, watch the whole eclipse on TV or look at the sidewalk or a pinhole paper viewer you can easily make; You can do anything you want but looking up at the sun. If you just have to look, make sure you are using the approved and safe glasses or a strong welding mask… but no; looking at the sun through a beer bottle won’t keep you from doing serious eye damage.

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