18th 2017
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Meridan Overpass Re-opened;  Midway down next up.

After three months of being closed to rural Dixon/Vacaville traffic (since mid-May) the Meridian overpass reopened early Tuesday evening. Cal Trans finished its work retrofitting the structure to meet current earthquake standards.

Now Cal Trans will move up the highway a bit and start work on the heavily traveled Midway overpass which they are going to tear down and then rebuild. The Midway overpass will close on the morning of September 6, and stay closed until at least the spring of 2018. While the overpass is being demolished I.S. 80 will be closed in both directions. If you travel the interstate with west or east on a regular basis you probably need to go to the Cal Trans web site for detailed information. Regardless, if you need to take Midway road from the highway, in either direction, you need to find new travel routes until next spring.

Both east and west bound lanes on the highway will be closed at Midway Rd. the night of September 9th until the morning of September, 10th. Detours will be set up on frontage roads but the new Meridian overpass that had been closed since mid-May will be open and can be used as an alternate route.

During the closure motorists need to watch for Cal Trans flaggers and increased construction equipment in the area. The CHP will be monitoring the situation and assisting in traffic control.

Food Trucks tonight (Friday) by the pool!

Starting tonight (Friday) and going from 5 to 8:30 p.m. if you come to the Dixon Swimming pool parking lot you will have a chance to try various foods presented by a variety of “Food trucks.” The ones we have attended have offered a pretty good selection of foods, at reasonable prices, and better than average quality. If you haven’t been to one before come on down and bring the kids to this family friendly event sponsored by the city


Fake news… Here we go again.

California removing historical names and monuments…Really?


Have you been following the media inspired and created fiasco in Virginia? The main stream media somehow took a bunch of hooligans, counter attacking group of left wingnuts and put the blame on the POTUS… how many people are buying this latest load of crap this I wonder. Hopefully more and more people are starting to see through the news monopoly’s control over events which it creates, fosters and then uses it as a political tool to try and control a president who has told them as much… to stick it.

Don’t pay any attention to the stock market records, unemployment, a global crisis caused by an inbred man/child who inherited a starving country but feels invincible because he claims to have his finger on their nuclear button that could cause a catastrophic war to end all wars. Our POTUS has risen to the occasion and has said as much… you’re playing a dangerous game boy and you better be careful or you won’t have a country, or life,  and you and yours may cease to exist… and guess what?. That means the media moguls would have to allow something positive to be said about out POTUS… Notice how King Ding Dung has pulled in his horns, NOW he wants to talk because he’s worried our POTUS may clean his clock. No, you couldn’t notice because the left wing media won’t take that approach… They have their pantyhose in a bunch because they misquoted him once too often and he cut them off and is communicating with the population by a different and quite effective method.

What I don’t understand is why we don’t blow the next missile launch out of the air, over their own country, and why we don’t send some bread and water to his starving nation… with American Flags on it. Now that Lady Gag-Gag chimed in with her half nude anti-Trump BS at her Sacramento concert this week I’m sure a lot of people will have a change of heart… I know I did.

The liberal-left wing nuts can tear down and destroy a 100 year old piece of American history and what happens to them? Nothing. The loonies are running the nut house and our weak spined politicians just turn the other cheek. WTF? They are criminals just like the ones who attacked the poor Nazi bastards who were hit and pepper sprayed and injured…Anyone feel sorry for the hitler boys? In case you hadn’t heard this was all Trump’s fault too. It doesn’t matter that the right winged nuts actually had a permitand legal right to protest, and the left winged nuts started the trouble (which if the police hadn’t intervened would have their butts kicked all the way back to mommy and daddy’s house). Personally I believe the Nazis and the other radical right winged groups should beat some sense into each other and find a different name and different way of making their points.

 The radical right wing just got a boost in membership however thanks to the crap the liberal left wing nuts got away with. They’ve become a recruitment poster for the far right groups.

Both sides need to be held accountable and neither are supposed to above the law is kind of what the POTUS was trying to say before the political weenies, on both sides folded like a deck of cards when the ‘free press” started their fake news and promotion for more violence.  Is there really only one side to this debacle? The media is trying to get their left wing, new making (not reporting) power play going across the country. Where does this stupidity end? First they are allowed to destroy any historical monument they personally don’t like… does that extend to all of the signers of the declaration of independence, many of which had slaves. I think they should tear down the Washington monument and the Jefferson memorial to make their point (both were slave owners)… If they really had any guts or real principals…

If the media keeps promoting their stupid support for the daffy left wingnuts they may get more stories, but at what cost? The big boys don’t care. Its all ratings and trying to destroy a strong POTUS and put another Winnie they can control, in the White House. Their control and bias extends all the way down to the local TV station where the editorializing  localNews Readers comment personally on how they feel… gads, like anyone cares.

So, I’m asking, at least our people to read between the lines in print and listen carefully and you can see what outright B.S. is, and then try to ignore it and make up your mind on matters based on the best facts you can gather.


A 12 Year Old Girl Sees A Problem

From the e-mail bag…

Mr. Hickman: Hi I’m Zoë Sloan. I’m 12 years old and my mom met you on Saturday at the Solano county fair’s auction.  I was the one who wants to get a reduced speed sign on the intersection at Curry Rd near 80 that causes a lot of crashes. I came up with the idea in the car thinking I don’t want to see any of my friends or even non-friends getting hurt there on their way to Higby’s. The cars come off the freeway there so fast and it is really only a split second you get to see them before they are in the intersection.  A reduced speed sign would reduce the number of accidents there and make the ones that do happen far less severe. I was so happy when my mom said she found you at the auction. I am so happy you were there! I really had no idea how I would request this until my mom saw you. It would really help if you forward my request or let me know who else I should send it to. Thank you so much for your time.    Sincerely Zoe Sloan

Zoe: I agree with you and I will pass this on to the Dixon City Council, Cal Trans (that really has the responsibility for that section of road) and to our representatives on the Solano County Board of Supervisors. Thank you for being a concerned citizen (even for your non-friends!) and for becoming involved looking for a solution to a problem.

More Things For Thought

*One of the worst possible jobs would be working at the patent office.. .all day long you’d be thinking, “Damn!  Why didn’t I think of that?”

*I had a real crush on my babysitter growing up so I looked her up on Facebook and messaged her… “Hey! Remember how hard it was to get me into bed? Not anymore!”

*People only say “Well, it’s a free country!”… When they’re doing something really stupid.

*I saw this thing in the paper about a local kid that had two gay dads and I thought that was probably ok…’cuz imagine how weird it would be if only one were gay.

*If Anne hath a will… Anne Hathaway. (Moan…)

*Kobe Bryant wrote a poem when he retired and the last line was “my body knows it’s time to say goodbye”… which is, coincidentally, just like the poem I wrote to Taco Bell.

*Separate but equal is a horrible thing for education… but it’s perfect for eyebrows.

*If you really think about it a kangaroo is just a cross between a T-rex and a deer.

*I’m taking a big step and asking her if we can be exclusive in our relationship.. .I guess I’m old fashioned, I just always thought it was automatic after marriage.

*when I’m not in a relationship I go ahead and shave one leg…that way when I’m in bed it feels like I’m sleeping with a woman.

*My friend Dave says you never ask a woman her age… I think that’s why his bar got closed down.

*In high school I had a pretty juvenile sense of humor.  The teacher told us to turn to page 68, and I started to laugh… when she asked what was so funny I said nothing, I was just getting ready.

*At practically every theme park I’ve ever been to the primary theme… ‘Wait in line’!

*The scrotum is a huge design failure.  Excess elbow skin utilized between the legs to support a man’s testicles so he doesn’t have to hold them in his hand…….and it doesn’t work.

*The counselor told the wife and me “for the sake of your marriage get a king-sized bed, and if you really want to stay married, get two!”

*I grew up a LA Ram’s fan but then I got into girls as I got older…  but then I got back into the Ram’s ‘cut I realized there are times when the girls won’t sleep with you, but the Ram’s will always screw you! 

*Snakes do not have arms…. which are precisely why they do not wear vests.

*Playing checkers with my grandpa taught me that a king is a man with another man on top of him… life taught me that that’s actually a queen. 

*I am a man of my word… and the word that comes to mind is ‘unreliable’.

*All I’m saying is that if you’ve ever seen me put patio furniture covers on… you’d never ask me to put a condom on.

*You can say ‘thanks’ and you can say ‘thanks a million’.. .but apparently not any number in between.

*I’ve just about decided that I could be gay except for the sex.. .and hell, without the sex you’re really just hanging out with your buddies.

*No matter how many shocking surprises life throws at you… you’re never quite prepared for how a British person pronounces the word ‘vitamin’.

*Drive-by shootings are just one more example of American’s being too lazy to get out of their cars.

 *As a little boy I heard the term “training bra” for the first time and thought “they’re training their chests?”  Then I saw a woman whose boobs were just going everywhere and I knew…”those must be untrained ones!”

*The leading method of committing suicide in Europe is attempting to kidnap Liam Nelson’s daughter.

*The other night the wife saw a homeless guy sorting through our trash and she hates to see a human being going thru garbage… so she made him a raccoon costume.

*I went out with a girl who told me I didn’t have to drink to make myself more fun to be around… I told her I was drinking so she’d be fun to be around.

*Sometimes women with nice butts wear tight pants and everyone’s eyes are drawn right there. So we should post pictures of missing kids there… no one looks at milk cartons.

*Parenting is a lot like being the bartender at some dive bar… everyone shouts out food and drink orders, you have to listen to them whine, and the place looks like a dump!


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