12th 2017
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What Your City /Council Is Up To… I Saw The Light!


 Notice something a little different in your neighborhood at night? The city is in the process of switching over to all LED streetlights. Cheaper to run and more light… such a deal.

Prior projects; about 350 or 28% done in Phase 1 2017

788 finished as of Thursday, 8/3 or 63% done for Phase 2 2017

Only 9% remaining and 116 scheduled for late August/early September. Watch for the conversion in your neighborhood; you’ll see the difference!  Good going public works and the city!

Police crackdown now underway!

“Enhanced enforcement”

If you drive and text or talk on the phone, or you pull a “California stop” at a traffic light or stop sign your odds of getting a traffic ticket are greatly increased because there’s a “new sheriff in town” so to speak. As the police force gets near full strength, for the first time in years, and with a new law enforcement officer now in charge, screw up and they are gonna get you. With more officers means more are on patrol, more of the time and their work is being assessed by Dixon’s new police chief, Robert Thompson. He was hired to reorganize the department, train a cohesive unit, stop the turn over and put more law enforcement officers on the streets 24/7. With this approach the department has already written as many tickets this year as it did all of last. You wanna run a stop sign? You wanna speed in a school zone? You wanna make an illegal U-turn? You wanna talk on your phone or text while driving? Go ahead, and you may get what’s coming to you. This is about the only warning you’ll get. This police force is here to protect you, and the rest of us from some of you and your dangerous driving practices. The police Chief  has the backing of the city council and was hired to enforce all of the laws. You want to show an exhibition of speed, burn rubber, or just hit passing gear on a city street… I hope they catch you when they do you’ve got no one to cry to. Enough is enough. We, 4/5ths of the city council, went to seven neighborhoods on the night out celebration and what we heard from every neighborhood was the same complaints about all of the things listed above… and the question, “Why can’t the police do something about this?” Guess what. The police are doing many things about “this” so beware, drive safely, follow the driving laws and save yourself some money and court time.

Death Follow-up

 After the death last week of the 20 year old man at the intersection of Midway and St. Rt. 113 a lot of things have happened… none of which will help him or his family of course but his accident may prove to be the catalyst for saving lives along this dangerous state highway which runs right through the middle of our city.

Cal Trans, which has the final say on 113 its self has been contacted by the CHP and either has or will be contacted by Solano County Supervisors, John Vasquez and Skip Thompsom. Skip’s district is Midway Rd. west of 113 and John’s is to the East. I talked to both last Saturday at the Solano County Fair and both pledged full support to making that intersection and the Hay and Fry roads intersections safer as well. They and our city have contacted our State Assemblyman and Senator asking for help in motivating Cal Trans to get emergency action for traffic control at the intersection.

In their own areas of responsibility they are looking into having flashing signs put up both east and west Midway and 113 plus maybe on the west side of both Hay and Fry Road Plus they have the county looking at the dangerous Midway and Porter Road, and Pitt School and Porter Roads. Things likeflashing lights with the message “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” may help, but remember, like John Wayne said, “You can’t cure stupid” … but you may be able to warn the young and less than stupid they are gambling with their lives, and everyone in the car with them, every time they enter or cross this state highway… because of the big rigs (and cars) flying down the road at highway speeds. The CHP, I noticed has also increased its patrol in that area. We all learn from our mistakes but some drivers, especially the young and less experienced sometimes don’t get a second chance. Tell your friends, neighbors and relatives to avoid that intersection until at least some safety measures are put in place… too many accidents…too many deaths. Enough is enough! Don’t talk, don’t eat, don’t text, just pay attention and drive carefully. We have a long history of deaths on Midway… don’t add your name (s) to the sad list.

 Solano County Fair

Many Dixon Youngsters raised, cows, lambs, pigs, chickens, rabbits, quail and goats to be shown and if they qualified have their animals sold at auction Last Saturday in the livestock arena at the county fairgrounds in Vallejo. Shown above are Kendal Hickman, left and her friend Elizabeth Granillo are seen competing in front of a judge in “Showmanship”.  Both young ladies have started their freshman year this week at Dixon High School. Dozens of  Grange,4-H, FFA and ‘Independent”  kids from throughout the county spent the last week before school in Vallejo giving their animals final touches before showing them and having them sold at auction.


More Things For Thought

*my 16 year old niece’s boyfriend has been struggling with a Capri sun for the last twenty minutes…….so I think it’s probably ok to leave her alone with him.

*In my day we didn’t use our phones to take naked pictures of ourselves… we used the office copier to make photocopies of our butts like God intended.

*….and when there was just one set of footprints in the sand, that was Chris Christie.

*I have an appointment for an emissions test tomorrow…….and that reminds me, my car is in need of one as well.

*When I was a child I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned as a child… and when I became a man I did all that foolishness online.

*My wife isn’t real fond of me referring to her period tracker app as the “countdown to Armageddon”.

*I decorate for Halloween by opening all the curtains and walking around the house naked… pretty scary stuff for all the neighbors.

*Is it true that Guy Fieri sister’s name is Girl Fieri?

*What do we learn from cows, water buffalo and elephants? It’s impossible to lose weight by eating greens, salads and walking.

*“down”, “penetration”, “tight end”, “ball handling”… don’t the networks have censors anymore?

*In fourth grade the teacher asked a question and I was the only one who was able to answer her… she asked “who farted?”

*When I was a kid I was afraid of the dark. Now I’m an adult… and when I see the electric bill I’m afraid of the light!  

*She shouted “get me something to put on bee stings!” so I fetched her one of her bras… now we’re not talking. Apparently.

*My significant other told me she likes it rough, so I bought her a plane ticket… on United.

*Passed by a church where the sign said “Santa Claus never died for anyone”… and the wife said, “That’s true. But Jesus never brought me a Barbie Dream House either”.  

*The only wisdom that comes with age is learning which stores have the nicer restrooms.

*I just called the bank to check on the status of my account… and a voice whispered to me “if you break the package in half Ramen noodles can last two days”.

*Last time I went to the doctor he prescribed constipation medication to clear up my earwax problem… apparently he was right about me being a s**thead.

*I’m not a scientist but if the Ebola virus is ‘communicable’… I think that means we can talk to it.

*When telling your wife something always end it with “but I could be wrong”… that way when she tells you you’re wrong, which she inevitably will, you’ll be right for a change.

*You can never adequately thank the person who toilet-trained you.  

*There I was in the custom’s line at the Budapest airport with a suitcase full of marbles.  “What’s your reason for visiting Hungary?” The agent asked… “I want to see the hippos!”

*During sex if she says “make me scream!”… I simply turn on the lights.  

*A friend asked what my favorite underground band was and when I said “the Beatles” he said “they’re really not considered ‘underground’…”but half of them are” was my defense. 

*Oh migawd!  I can’t straighten my back…never mind, just got my tie caught in my zipper.

*“Raise your hand if this is your first time standing under a helicopter”… “sorry to make an example of you, Johnson, but that’s why we never do that.”  

*Apples are actually bad for your health… scientists have announced that everyone who ate an apple in the 15th century is now dead.

*Your shadow is confirmation that light rays have traveled nearly 93 million miles unobstructed…only to be deprived of reaching the earth in the last few feet by your fat butt.

*I’m not a big fan of Smokey the Bear… he’s just the first step on the slippery slope of vigilantism.

*The cashier at PetSmart just told me I smell really good… which I would take as a compliment if my competition weren’t a bunch of dogs and gerbils.


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