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20 Year Old Elk grove man dies Wednesday at Midway and 113

By Ted Hickman

This is the message I sent out to (our Supervisor, John Vasquez, Thom Bogue, Mayor, Steve Bird, Dixon councilman, Jim Lindley, city manager, and to the Dixon Fire and police chief right after the accident: “I’m on the warpath again. A 20 year old kid just lost his life, I mean like, right now, after being plowed by a big rig at this intersection. He apparently was headed west on Midway and met the big rig in the middle of the intersection… That’s not an official statement but an educated guess on my part.

The CHP is going to request action from Cal Trans and can use some backup from the city and the county…  Either a four way stop, or traffic light or “flashing cross traffic does not stop” is needed there NOW because there are way too many accidents, and near misses in that intersection and the general area

I would appreciate the city council and police and the fire chief chiming in on this And I Would also like to have it on next council meeting agenda for action”

Thank you

Ted Hickman


Backing up… We were headed out to a friend’s house on Midway road late Wednesday morning and the dust hadn’t settled when we came upon the accident at Midway and State Highway113 that killed a young Elk Grove man. We turned east on Midway and I pulled over to see if they needed help but there was a crowd there trying to help so we didn’t want to add to the traffic congestion and so we just moved on. I drove back by on the way home about an hour later and took these photos. There were like four or five CHP there and all agreed this intersection was bad and “something needed to be done.” The big rig that hit the Dodge Neon appeared to have only a dented front fender

Lt. Michael McCarthy of the CHP, at the scene, said he would request Cal Trans (it is a state highway all the way through Dixon) to take some kind of action but could use the support of the city and county in their efforts. I immediately sent a message to our Supervisor, John Vasquez who responded almost immediately with: “Thanks Ted, Sadly it takes the loss of life to bring action, I want thank you all of your efforts in trying to find a solution to this intersection.  I am willing to support and to give any help you may need to resolve it.  The other needed item for that intersection is an additional street light on the Northwest corner, the county place one on the Northeast corner some years back but we have had no luck getting CATRANS to place one the other side.


Ted thank you for the email and you have my support,”


I sent the same message to our Dixon city manager, fire chief and police chief, Mayor, and Councilman (and former Dixon police officer) Steve Bird asking for support for the CHP’s requesting fairly quick action on our decades old problem… With school starting there are going to be people (and many young drivers) in a hurry to get to and from that intersection where they will meet vehicles traveling state highway speeds… and that can only mean the possibility of more tragedy… since every kid that has a driver’s license HAS to drive to high school parents might be smart to have them avoid that intersection and find other routes to the high school.

I don’t know who has the records of the scores of accidents there (the fire department only responds when there are injuries), or in the vicinity, or the number of deaths, maiming, or injuries, over the years… but there’s been many… It’s time to quit talking and get some action before more people are killed or maimed… A couple of the CHP guys agreed with me that many of the people in the new developments in the south side of town were not raised in rural areas and the traffic here IS different. The CHP guys on scene also agreed that a long straight away and people looking both directions ONCE (not realizing traffic is coming at highway speeds) can be a cause of accidents… “People get in a hurry just don’t realize just how fast traffic is moving, one told me.”

What Your City Council Is Up To…

Seven Neighborhoods Participate in National Night out.


Dixon’s new Fire chief, Jay Bushrow, left Rob Thompson, Dixon’s new police chief made it to the Sierra Drive neighborhood gathering with Mayor Thom Bogue, far right, to present Organizer Kurt Riddle with a copy of the National Night Out proclamation. Bouge handed out seven of the proclamations, one for each block party held throughout the city. I went to all seven and it was really neat to meet and talk with folks… who all agreed October would be a better time to hold this community event.


 Don’t prolong It Mike, for the good of Dixon Quit Now!


Have you seen Mike Ceremello’s B.S. on “only a couple of columns left” before he quits AGAIN?  He’s waiting for a public outcry which ain’t coming Mikey… Many more will be happy than sad… nice try, but nobody cares you’re “quitting again…. Life will go on, a lot better for many people. See ya until you rear your ugly, negative mouth once again. How is he going to support his young apprentice and mouth piece on the city council if he doesn’t have this pulpit to badmouth the elected city council, staff and volunteers? What about all of the other stupid people in town. How is he going to sing his praises and let everybody know how much smarter he is than all of us dumb people. You know why he’s opposed to selling the turkey of a water company and have water pros run it instead of the city? Because it was his idea and pushing that caused the city to buy into this expensive and disastrous plan. If anything wasn’t his idea it can’t be good, remember: he is smarter than everyone, knows more about everything than everybody else and we are just dumb sub-humans to his fanatic know-it-all intellect. Where is the big public cry he’s going away AGAIN for a while…Even his three or four loyal extremist/supporters seem to have lockjaw…Quit asking for the loud roar because you’re taking another sabbatical… Get over yourself… nobody cares. NOBODY, that is, except those that are glad to see your narcissistic column’ space be occupied by something else even if it’s the Obits… even blank space would be a relief of his years of bad mouthing those who really matter and everything else but himself… when the dust settles I’ll still be here and Mike will be…waiting in the wings. Mike having me recalled is one of his funniest jokes. I was elected by the whole city and the majority of people see what good things this council is doing for them and know Ceremello is just a bag of old, hot stale air, helpless, hopeless and useless…You gotta feel a little sorry with his self-destruction, fall from the little grace he had and having to resort to badmouthing and trying to belittle me as a way of making himself feel worthwhile… Sorry Mikey you lose again… just hang it up while you still have something to hang!

He says and I quote “However, after reading Ted Hickman’s distasteful column,”   LOL is that the pot calling the kettle black or what? He has proven over the years all of his taste is in his mouth in the way he talks (his big city council moment was when he yelled “F**K” during a council meeting to just get attention. Voters loved it and have turned away from him each time he has tried to claim his lost glory even losing the city treasurer’s election at the last election to a young man with no experience or knowledge of the position… he just doesn’t seem to learn or get the word, and can’t be embarrassed… so as I said before you want to dance, bring it.  I’ll waste a little space each week on your faded glory and continual quest for attention… as long as you keep begging for the attention Distasteful? He dresses (like a slob), and acts (like a hooligan)… Distasteful is too polite term for his whole persona.

I’ll keep doing what I do and serve the public the best I can and keep getting things going and done. Our list of accomplishments grows monthly thanks to a GOOD CITY STAFF AND THE MAJORITY OF THE city council WANTING TO DO THE RIGHT THING FOR THE RIGHT REASON…… And Mike’s Monday morning quarterbacking? No one really cares what he says or thinks except maybe his in-over- his head young protégé on the council. But boy you keep listening to Mike and you will be held in as high of esteem as he is… And that’s all the energy and space I’m going to put into him this week

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