28th 2017
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I Want To Apologize…

          I want to apologize for Dixon’s young, misguided and confused city council person, Devon. He obviously has many issues and problems, not the least being misguided by his mentor, mommy and daddy. He just cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars with his prank of abusing a city policy regarding council person’s behavior. He was allowed, by law, to file false charges against me even though the City Attorney Doug White, and a “Brown Act” expert, Ourania Riddle, told him in advance he was wrong and there was no violation of closed session information “leakage”… other than Minnema getting caught doing exactly what he had accused me of… and witnessed by two independent citizens in the city council chambers. He told his parents in the audience what was going on in a closed session and was admonished in a letter from the city attorney letting HIM know it was a criminal act and to cut it out. To this our Mensa boy said, paraphrased, “There’s no violation of closed leaking session information if I wasn’t in the closed session”… Duh, and this is what we, the rest of the council, must deal with. The Mayor Thom, Vice Mayor Scott, and Councilman Steve made up the “jury” all three voted to shoot the junior council member down after being told by the city attorney, as junior was in advance, he approved the article I wrote before it was published.

He isn’t entirely to blame. His mommy spoke up again spewing the same venom filled rhetoric which wasn’t even pertinent enough to earn a response. She has been grooming her boy since early childhood writing speeches for him and forcing him to go to Tea Party rallies and speak and wave the flag, while others his age were out playing soccer of baseball or something.  Her life’s goal was to get him elected since she couldn’t get elected herself and is an angry woman who has an unnatural and unwarranted hatred for me personally.

Couple this with Mike Ceremello mentoring this young guy and Devon not being smart enough to see through either Mike, or his mom, for their real motivations and you have what we have… a mess.

            He even embarrassingly went to social media (see screen shot) again trying to turn out his troops to support him in his destined failed attack on me and it, like him, embarrassingly flopped too. To show you how misguided this poor boy is look at his web posting the night before the meeting where he even illegally included the logo of the VFW? WTF? Figure out that one yourself. He loves his title doesn’t he?

To his discredit he was able to marshal the troops and his whole support team showed up… one maybe two people who did not speak on his behalf… except mommy spoke for her son… “I’m Devon’s mom”… How embarrassing. He took his time before the three member council to explain the bogus charges he had filed against me by trying to justify the reportedly three criminal investigations going on against him; the Grand Jury, the D.A’s office and the State Attorney General all looking into the fact about the truthfulness of his residence at the time he pulled papers out to run for office. He, nor any of his immediate family members, have been willing to give a sworn affidavit attesting to the truth of his stories… and that’s what all of this was about… to diffuse the possibility of charges hanging over his head by putting the spotlight on me for something that never occurred…. And he knew the charges were wrong and still put on his dog and pony show…at the taxpayer’s expense.

I feel bad for the people that voted for him and hope he’ll see the light and quit his high school shenanigans and try to represent the people who wasted a vote on him because he “a good talker”. He can talk and sing good… you just have to be a good listener to see through the spoon fed crap coming out of his mouth or watch his mentor signal him (yes or no) from the audience with head movements  at council meetings to see just how empty his tank really is.

So he’s got two + strikes against him with me, and others I guess. One for lying and show boating, claiming I elbowed him in the head squeezing behind his chair at a council meeting. He gave an exaggerated Hollywood reaction to me passing behind his chair and his mommy took a three second clip from a video that made it look like I may have touched him, which of course I didn’t… which worked until everyone looked at the rest of the video and saw I had to do the exact same thing to get by the two other councilmen because of the lack of space between the chairs and the wall. I loudly asked him Tuesday if he is still lying to people about me making contact with his head and asked him to fess up. I said, “If I were to elbow you in the head to would be on the ground and not feigning a ghost blow”… Then he cried, “Another threat, did anyone one hear him threaten me?” to which no one replied. He’s trying to play the “He’s picking on me, feel sorry for me because I’m just a kid- card, when I should be Trumping him with “This is senior abuse. I am the senior member of the council and your disrespect it not acceptable”.

Lie number two was this whole performance Tuesday to let many people know, who didn’t before, that he is under criminal investigation… oh wait, no, he already used his platform against me to do that. What he was supposed to do was prove the “charges” he made against me… but he forgot and got on his soap box about how he is being an abused “minority”… All of his “evidence” he presented worked against him… clever huh?

Again I can only apologize and assure the public the four mature members on the council will work with Junior when we can, and will ignore him he acts like the person his team wants him to be, and get on with our business. Now you know the documented truth and can ignore future “fake news”.




Readers of Travel & Leisure magazine have voted Sacramento the second least attractive city in America. But, according to the article, readers had a few good things to say about the city as well:

Sacramentans don’t earn high marks for their looks, but readers did give them an A for effort. They received a perfect score for being active, which is easy to do in California’s state capital, just two hours from Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. Closer to home, Discovery Park, north of downtown, has 275 acres of riverfront forest and recreation fields.”  (I think Daryl Steinberg has a lot to do with this as the country’s ugliest mayor in both appearance and giving away taxpayers dollars.)

Baltimore, MD was voted the nation’s least attractive city. Also appearing on the list were, Tampa, FL, Milwaukee, WI and Cleveland, OH.


S’more Things For Thought

*Good judgement comes from experience… and experience? Well, that comes from poor judgement.

*See a penny pick it up; all day long you’ll have… a nagging feeling that the previous owner wasn’t a hand washer.

*Get a dog from the shelter for your kids and you’re a hero… but bring a bag lady home from the shelter to babysit the kids and everyone loses their crap.

*I replaced the broken handle on my recliner… it’s very important to keep one’s fitness equipment in tip-top shape.

*If you stand by and let someone ruin their life than you are part of the problem… yet we all still go to weddings for the open bar.

*I want a sex change… from “none” to “some”.

*The older I get the more I appreciate being at home not doing a darn thing.

*Having sex with a health care professional makes you immune to the common cold, influenza, malaria, SARS, Ebola, Pneumonia, general bitchiness and smallpox… for your own safety sleep with a health care professional!

*CNN reports that hurricane Earl “hit luxury resorts and impoverished villages along the Mexican coast with equal ferocity”… did they expect wealth-based discernment?

*I find myself home alone this afternoon and the refrigerator seems to be making weird noises… I think the beer wants out.

*It was so hot today I went by to see the ex… just for the cold shoulder and the icy stare.

*Bought the wife a refrigerator for her birthday which is really kinda a lousy gift… but you should have seen her face light up when she opened the door.

*I’m pretty sure it’s called a jury of your “peers” because everybody pees.

* Linda says, “Marriage is caring for someone so much that you forgive them if occasionally they’re just the most annoying ass in the world”.

*The guys who measure and install the granite counter tops in your kitchen were probably really pissed when they found out the term “counterfeiters” was taken.

*There is absolutely no excuse for laziness… but if you should happen to find one, share it with me.

*Sometimes even after all these years I wake up and look over at my wife sleeping peacefully beside me and think… “Man, is she lucky!”

*Some days I feel like I’m making a difference… other days I feel about as useful as a lifeguard at the Olympic swimming events.

*Just because I know I could get more done if I got up earlier doesn’t mean I have any intention of ever trying it.

*I learned something new today.  Kitchen sex can be very spontaneous and exciting… and the kitchen staff at Denny’s are quite narrow minded.

*My weight loss goal is really kind of simple… I just want to be able to lie near the peaceful shoreline without those pesky marine biologists dumping buckets of water over me.

*He wiped away her tears… and, unfortunately, her eyebrows as well.

*If I work out for the next four years… when the next Olympics come around I think I could get up off the couch on the first try.

*When viewed as a piece of “performance art” Trump’s campaign rapidly approached “Andy Kaufman’s wrestling women” status.

*Do you, Sue, take John, the optometrist, to be your lawfully wedded husband for better or worse?  Better… or worse? Better…or worse?

*So you’re stranded on an island and you can bring three items.  What would they be… Michael Phelps, a saddle, and a stick with a gold medal hanging from the end of it.

*I don’t understand people who practice polygamy… who would want more than one mother-in-law?

*My luck… it’s similar to a bald guy who just won a tortoise-shell brush and comb set as a door prize.

*I love bacon.  So much so that sometimes I eat it twice a day… it helps me keep my mind off the terrible chest pains I keep having.

*Imagine if you will. You’re living alone.  Sometime in the middle of the night you hear a fart, not your own… what will you do?




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