24th 2017
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Democrats Support Anti-Rock Legislation…


True story: A man landed in intensive care after being struck in the head with a rock during a fight last Thursday afternoon in Suisun City, according to police. At about 3 p.m. on March 16, officers received a call about a fight in the 700 block of Monte Carlo Drive. When they arrived, they found a 29-year-old man on the ground with a head wound. He was apparently hit during a fight with two other men, who fled in a late model black Volvo with two female passengers, according to police.

The People’s Republic of Davis has asked for new legislation (a new rule) outlawing rocks on all college campuses, keeping them at least 1,000 feet  away from all schools and making a permit from the DOJ necessary for possession.


Turkey Season Opens Tomorrow

(See related story in today’s newspaper or below here)

Speaking Of Turkey

 First let me say about local government; I know a few care, most don’t. This is about the type of city government we have and the type a few people want.


  1. Here’s the form of government we have: It is a city manager form. There is also a strong mayor form which we don’t have. Under our form of government the public elects a mayor and four council people to represent them. The mayor is essentially elected independently to more or less run the city council meetings. That position has some limited special duties like proclamations and appointments (with council ratification) and is a member of various outside groups representing the city.

Neither the mayor nor council people can order any city employee to do anything. Any three members of the council can order the city manager to do whatever they deem needed. The city manager either complies or the council finds a new city manager.

Each council member has various duties and committees to which they are assigned. The council meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month and meets in “closed session” before many meetings to discuss either personnel (labor negations) or legal matters. All closed session matters are strictly confidential but when any vote is taken the results are made public.

The city manager runs the day to day activities of the city and is the city’s lead negotiator with the six various unions within the city employee groups. If the council wants anything done they turn to the city manager who either does it or gets it done. He hires and fires (or oversees it) all employees including the police and fire chiefs. Only the city attorney and city manager are hired and/or fired by the majority of the council.

It’s quite simple really. The city is a multi-million dollar big business run by a CEO (city manager) and over seen by a board of directors (city council). The taxpayers are the stockholders and they elected their directors, keep them when they do good and boot them when they fail…easy enough to understand huh?


A Few Want Changes Made Just Because


  1. Mike Ceremello… said in his column last week: “I will refrain from personally insulting any member of the council or city staff.” Then Ceremello with his mental instability growing worse by the week, attacks the three members of the council he can’t control and builds up his protégée as he continues to guide him down the path of ruin… just like he did to himself.
    Small but vocal groups (consisting mostly of Mike Ceremello) think they know what’s better for this city than the collective city council has deemed is in the best interest of the citizens.
  2. Understand Ceremello: 1. Lost his city council seat. 2. Ran for mayor and lost and has been bitter ever since.  Ran for council again and I supported him and he lost again and I was elected instead. 4. Recently, at the last election, ran for city treasurer and a young man with no experience, background or knowledge of the position trounced him although Mike was way educationally more qualified for the position than most of our citizens.
  3. The Ceremelloittes (two maybe three people) had the new mayor convinced the city manager shouldn’t be the lead negotiator in dealing with the city’s six unions… the people he oversees on a daily basis. The new mayor proposed we hire an outside negotiator and brought it up to the council without apparently checking the cost. The council informed him/them (the same group that has complained about the city manager’s salary) that it would cost about $100,000 for each negotiator for each group… $600,000 that the city manager does as part of his job. The new mayor’s suggestion didn’t get very far.
  4. This one man group led by and chaired by and owned by and governed by Ceremello wants the city to keep the water company he had them buy when he was on the council years ago. They didn’t check into the infrastructure apparently and now it is operating at a deficient and projects costs of about -$14,000,000 (million) to repair the old system. Water rates are going out of sight and I’ve been calling for the city to sell this turkey ASAP…. and Ceremello is fighting this too… go figure. Yep, take a private specialized company (SID) and give it to the bureaucrats to run and things will be better.
  5. Ceremello wrote in his column (in response to me calling him a professed know it all) that he does indeed know it all and is smarter than everyone else and won’t apologize for it he says he can’t help it. He has also sniveled about being the self-appointed government watchdog and bemoans the fact he is the lone ranger in that he has to fight the public’s battles (as he see them) for everyone else who is to lazy to support him on his grand quests.
  6. For those of you who are starting to see a clearer picture here, Mike sees himself as an embarrassingly sixth member of the council. He even showed up at the new COP swearing in ceremony in a ratty old white shirt with the city logo on it and flip flops. He has made it his full time vocation to go to every meeting he can and speak on every subject calling the city attorney a liar and city staff members idiots. He says he knows more than all of them about any of their jobs… more about the law, city government, public works…etc. You get the idea. He obviously has a problem or two and he is doing this now because he is running for a council seat what will come up for election in 2018. Guess he figures the public will forget his costly antics (he has reportedly cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in the last several years to no avail, not so cute now huh?) the taxpayers must bear… and the fifth time is the charm?

The point of all of this is you have five individuals you elected to serve you on the council…Ceremello, the Don Quixote of Dixon, must be allowed to be who and what he is at public meeting… by law, and he abuses the privilege… so before you buy into any of his “expert” ideas… just consider the source. Just weigh his opinions against the city council and our professional city employees… you know, the idiots and liars.



More Things For Thought

*When accused of something by a woman a man’s first inclination is to deny… we’re not lying.  We’re just trying to buy some time so we can figure out what you’re talking about.

*I promised everyone I wouldn’t go drinking in public places again… but here I am waiting for the grand-kids to get out of school.

*Surprise parties are great!  First you depress your friend by pretending to forget their birthday… then you briefly scare hell out of them.

*I’m almost positive the plane Harrison Ford was in was from the Amelia Earhart collection on loan from the Smithsonian.

*It’s true what they say that there’s someone for everyone… the person for you is a psychiatrist.

*Chances are better than average that if it’s tasteless and inappropriate I’ll think it’s hilarious.

*I watched the deleted scenes from the porno movie last night… surprisingly he did fix the washing machine.

*I’ve decided to do a juice cleanse… and by juice I mean beer.

*Don’t stress about your eyesight going to hell as you get older… it’s nature’s way of protecting you from shock when you walk past a mirror.

*You’d be amazed how often I’m wrong when people say “guess what”?

*The best thing about geometry in high school… it’s in high school and I’m not!

*Not only is most of my hair gray at this point but this morning a lot of it was sticking straight up… I think I’m transforming into Albert Einstein.

*What’s my favorite thing about winter… when it’s over!

*Why is it that opportunity only knocks on my door once… but temptation?  That fool just leans on the darn door bell.

*The average person farts 14 times each day… finally, I’m above average at something!

*There’s nothing scarier than the split second when you lose your balance in the shower and think “Oh god, they’re going to find me naked!” 

*If we could charge people for being idiots we could have the national debt paid off in no time.

*The wife finally found her sleep number.  Its 6… 6 glasses of wine.

*If we’re not supposed to have midnight snacks why is there a light in the refrigerator?

*Based on the musicians that thanked him at the Grammy awards I gotta admit I’m not crazy for the music God’s taste in music.

*Sometimes to make myself feel important I think in a British accent.

*Today I learned that pouring a bucket of water over someone who is sleeping under an electric blanket won’t electrocute them… but it sure does piss them off.

*I am done trying to figure out why Kansas and Arkansas are pronounced differently!

*Tender loving care is very important… but sometimes just a vicious, animalistic ass-kicking makes you feel better.

*Shouldn’t octopus appendages be called “eightacles”?

*Every loaf of bread is a tragic story of grains… that could’ve become beer but didn’t.

*They say it’s better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable… but how about a compromise like moderately wealthy and just moody?

*Isn’t it strange how things change over time… I used to hate spankings!

*Some people should be required by law to always carry a potted plant around with them… solely to replace the oxygen they waste.


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