24th 2017

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Picture #1 was taken at Lake Berryessa by Eric Hourmouzus of Dixon on  last week.

Picture #2 was taken on February 18, by Lake Berryessa News

Picture #3 was taken last summer from the road by Trey Hickman

Picture # 4 was taken by Ted Hickman from the water last summer/fall

The lake level was near or at an all time low of 398.6 feet in October of 2016. Experts said it would take years for the lake to fill and the  famous Glory Hole wasn’t even predicted to flow again in the foreseeable future. On January 28 of this year the lake was only at 427.3 feet. Last Friday it was officially full and over flowing at 440.01… It’s been 10 years since that’s happened. People come from all over to see this big drain hole and the traffic has been a nightmare but the merchants in Winters love it. If you want to venture up to see it do it during the week and watch out for landslides!

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