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When asked what he thinks about General Mattis being considered for Secretary of Defense, Rob O’Neill (the man who killed Bin Laden) said, “General Mattis has a bear rug in his home but it is not dead, it is just afraid to move”.


Rantings Of A Mad Man


For those of you who read the adjacent column on this page AKA  *“My Way or the Highway”  or what is called behind his back “the rantings of a mad man” you read last when he unloaded on me… and that’s ok he has to have someone to try to bully or his week isn’t complete. All others in the community are reluctant to challenge him on many of the ridiculous things he rants about because of his venomous and relentless attacks on any who dare oppose him. I’m about the only one who can… and will …once.  I won’t waste any more space on him… People want to read the one liners.

To set the stage let’s get a couple of things clear. Before each council meeting I do my homework on each item and promise to myself to do the right thing for the right reason and let the chips fall where they may. The reason his panty hose are in a knot this time is because I publically called him on his continuous long rants on almost every single council agenda item which pushed our cram packed meeting past the 1 a.m. hour. I support the right of people to address the council on each agenda item; that’s the law. I don’t support a loser whose only reason for speaking is to disrupt the meeting and brow beat the city staff to try and make himself look goodwhich isn’t going to happen… he won’t let it … he just can’t, and that’s on him.. e has a aright to speak… and you knoew what? The council has a right nmort to listen and they, for the most p[art d0opn’t. Up to this time I have always listenmed out of politeness if nothing mmore.


He started his mental breakdown when he was defeated for mayor, and then ran for council and even though I backed him for the position the public chose me instead of the “mouth that roared” and the final slap to even any intelligent person’s ego was when he was just defeated for city treasurer by a kid that doesn’t know a T-Bill from an investment portfolio… what a slam to his way oversized ego. *The voters have told him three times to hit the highway but he can‘t take a not so subtle hint. He doesn’t have a job or work and hasn’t since I’ve known him. He inherited some property and that is kind of what he does… whatever that is. He’s a full time political gadfly… that’s what and all he does.



Anyway the reason he’s gone berserk in print this time is because several times at the last council meeting I reminded him he didn’t have to get up, come to the podium and comment on each agenda item. At one point his interruption (and non-subject rant) of the meeting was so blatant I even paused the meeting to ask the city attorney can a person really pervert the system to this extent and get up and ramble on about anything they want even though it has no bearing on the subject at hand. Sadly the “city liar” as the Mad Man calls him, said, “yes”.

So he rambles on boring each and every person that has to suffer through his long winded diatribes trying to prove he knows more than anyone else about everything. Never mind the second he stands up everyone but me immediately turns off… he’s done his henny-penny the sky is falling routine too many times and it’s just redundant… With the mad man its “I know more than you, you are all idiots, and it’s my way or the highway”. He can’t get past the fact Dixon voters three times in a row voters chose the highway for him.

He chides me for “believing the crap city staff feeds you”. To that I said, “You really think you know more about the law than the city attorney and his staff, the city engineer, the city manager, finance people, etc.?” To which he will respond “yes”. Really, and he means it… he really thinks he does. Granted even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then but this acorn appears to be cracked. Granted too, every now and then he appears to be semi-lucid.

“The mad man” has put in print he can’t help it if he is just more intelligent than everyone else and really does know more than: the city attorney, the city manager, the city council, the city engineer, the huge firms of engineers that designed and developed the new sewage system, the water company analysts, and I’m sure the police, fire and public works management and employees… I guess that’s possible. But so is the possibility that the mad man is acknowledged, behind his back of course, to have a problem, a superiority complex and a “I got my ass politically kicked three times in a row and I’m going to smite my emenies” complex on top of that.


daddy warbucks

            Why does no one but me challenge this megalomaniac (a psychiatric disorder in which the patient experiences delusions of great power and importance)? “Because he will always have the last word, you can’t win” is what I’ve heard many times. Maybe you can’t win but you can tie. I can go toe to toe with him and he’ll never have the last word until I take a dirt nap… He seems to think everything will change in two years when he runs once again for a city council I’m not seeing that anymore. Too many people are now seeing past his being the “savior of the world complex” and just seeing a lonely man with nothing better to do in life than be a corrosive virus to any form of government and to anybody who doesn’t agree with him.

The last time he started this public war of words with me it ended when I threw down the gauntlet and said I’d had enough of his crap and that he knew he picked the wrong guy to try and bully. What ended the war on words last time between us will also end it this time. It’s put up or shut up Mad Man … (He calls me terrible Ted who is fine, I can be but, unlike the mad man I have SOME redeeming qualities). There’s a big difference between talking and doing… rant on that.

The put up time is on us once again. I am willing for us both to list, side by side, what we’ve done positive for our fellow man, our citizens, seniors, youth, environment, city, county and state. I’ve received over 50 awards for various things over a lifetime of achievement in business and public service. I don’t flaunt them but they are there.

The last time it was put up or shut up I predicted it would be Ted 50, Mad Man 0, and he came back with his usual lame retort that pieces of paper and awards don’t mean anything… Well, Mad Man its put up or shut up again and I know you won’t do either. I’m taking this time to let people, who don’t know you (and I’ve left out a couple of your goodies because of our “friendship”) understand your insatiable need for attention and your God complex rules everything you do and say.

And yes, he really does feel he is smarter and knows more than almost all of mankind… that’s why he lives in Dixon where people. to his face are polite. But behind his back just shake their heads and mumble… “That’s a mad man” … and not in a good way. He’s a big fish in a small pond

I won’t take up any future space with this issue, or his nonsense, so he can rant and rave like the mad man he is… it’s up to each reader to decide if he is mad like crazy, or mad like pissed off, or both. Now when you read his crap you can take everything with moderation of just sluff it off as being the ravings of the mad man… like most sane people do. Oh, just one last thing.

He has a constitutional right to pervert the freedom of speech so may vets have fought and died to protect…He has the right to speak, but you know what we have the right not to listen. From now on when he starts to the podium I will check my cell phone for meaningful dialogue from the public and recommend the other four members of the council do the same thing. #


City Council Rental CRAP


At last week’s marathon city council meeting which stretched from 6 p.m. to 1 am various scenarios played out. One of the most interesting was when a “vice president” of a “new” real estate business, in a disrespectful way, called me “Theodore” twice to let me know he did his homework and went to the California Department of Real Estate and found I was a licensed realtor under the name “Theodore Hickman”, my name?  Gasp, WOW, sharp guy huh? He was unhappy I was repeating some of the things many people had asked me about. Like what appeared to be a sweetheart deal between the city and a new real estate bunch and the chamber of commerce.

I’m held to a high ethical standard by the Ca. DRE, as a realtor, Ca. hunter and fisherman, as a reporter, and as an elected official… and I live in a glass house. I don’t expect anyone I deal with at any level to not be held accountable for their actions.

Anyway this yahoo, who had the demeanor  somewhere between  a high school bully and a used car salesman, boldly told the council and the audience that I was a “realtor” and that I shouldn’t be allowed to open my mouth as an elected official because it was a conflict of interest. I knew he was full of crap because I always check with the city attorney if there’s the slightest chance there could be a problem both from the newspaper and real estate sides.

The obnoxious VP tells the city’s councilor more or less shut me up because I shouldn’t be able to tell the truth about their quest. The city attorney assured them there was no conflict and everybody on the council and the audience already knew I hold a real estate license. I just completed my 45 hour course to renew my license for another 4 years and it wasn’t easy. Ta Da!

The disrespectful VP looked and sounded like an idiot to think a real estate salesman could intimidate an elected official… and me no less. Another surprise was my old friend Bill Allard, who is in cahoots with these boys, was acting like a high school kid in the back making faces and acting in a disrespectful manor. These are salespeople, people; they make their livings with words. They will take 6 per cent of ever sale and if you are going to buy or sell you need to use a realtor… not necessarily these guys.

The only bright spot was the class act Kevin Johnson who left C-21 after 12 successful years to join the venture. He is taking over the chamber building for a song and subletting a part back to the chamber. It was Kevin, current head of the city’s planning commission, and just past president of the chamber of commerce, that was in question by many member s of the community for getting a$1,000 a month lease on the city’s 1800+ sq. ft. transportation building. Right or wrong he explained himself quite well and with the proper decorum. Bill and his VP embarrassed themselves and the feedback from the TV viewers is that they were poorly received.

*After the vote (4-1) to give them the lease they gave high fives and acted like they just won the super bowl… this attested to the fact they made a steal on the lease with the city. If there are four of them they can rent a prime spot for $250 a month each… and that’s all the taxpayers get back, $1,000 a month, for their expensive building that should go for a minimum of $1,800.

*Everything but this part is on video on the city’s web site.


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