27th 2017
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New Kind Of Food In Town; S&S Deli & Grill



I’m not sure what you’d call it but I guess it’s, I don’t know, kinda Middle Eastern/Mediterranean/American home cooked stuff. The menu has different stuff, most of which my first wife Linda and I have never had and we couldn’t pronounce most of it… but don’t let that throw you… they have pictures and will explain everything to you if you need an explanation. I mean they have stuff like the carved off the hanging meat chunks Gyros, lamb kabobs, Falafel plates, and our favorites Kafta Kabob (that Linda had) and the Chicken Shawarma (which I had). They are our favorites mainly because they are the only thing we’ve tried so far. We want to go back and try the Reuben and Philly cheese steak. They have side dishes like everyone’s favorite Couscous, and yogurt and cucumber with garlic and fresh mint.

For appetizers you certainly want to try the Baba-Ghanough? Who wouldn’t enjoy a good old’ Fatoosh, or some Doimathes (they gave us a sample of these grape leaf thingies and they were good). Who wouldn’t enjoy a side of Hummus (me for one, it’s like Greek poi) or Taboulli salad?

You regular readers know I do restaurant reviews every now and then and I’ve never steered you wrong. These are home cooked from the homeland foods that can’t be had elsewhere in this area; at least any place of which I’m aware.

They are open seven days a week, 10 am to 9 p.m. right across from Papa Murphy’s pizza or next to Great Clips in the southwest corner of the Wal-Mart shopping area. As usual I didn’t tell them what I was planning to do before we ate and found the service to be not only friendly but helpful in explaining the many things we couldn’t pronounce. Want something different for a change? Try S&S Deli & Grill on Dorset Drive… or call them at 693-3399 for more information.


Dixon Game Club’s annual

Crab/Prawn feed Feb. 4 sold out

2017-1-27c 2017-1-27d

If you are planning on attending this year’s Dixon Game Club’s annual crab/prawn feed you might be disappointed. The event, which is sold out with a waiting list being established as tickets and money are being turned in…

This year’s event, will be held on February 4, is open to the general public and will be held at the Dixon May Fairgrounds. Doors open at 6 p.m. for no-host cocktails with dinner served at 7 p.m. The dinner will be served by Dixon High School FFA members. You can emailjjkett@sbcglobal.net for more information or to request tickets if any are left.

The Dixon Game club said it will be awarding five (5) “Lifetime” California Fish and Game Hunting licenses again this year at the Crab and Prawn feed. In order to participate a junior hunter must meet two requirements: 1. Have a valid California Junior Hunting License. 2. Submit a letter to the game club with your, name, age, address, and telephone number along with a brief statement telling why you like hunting. Send your letter to the Dixon Game Club, 250 West Mayes St., Dixon, 95620 before February 1, 2017. All letters will be entered into a drawing which will be held at the feed on February 4.

Speaking Of Game…



What have you been doing in your spare time? Two to three times a week I’ve MADE time to either pheasant hunt at Hastings Island or duck hunt at a refuge or our place. Until this past week there were no ducks. The photo shows me holding two geese and a mixture of 10 ducks from this past weekend. My personal limit is included; which is three ducks and one goose… out of a box of shells… heck it’s the going not the getting remember? At least that’s what I tell myself. I’m not getting any younger and I’m not getting any better… but I’m still trying.

The other picture is of my hunting partner, Shane Nichols and a picture of one of the two pheasants he took in one day with an arrow. He got his first one, in the air, flying away. It was a unique shot because it went in the out hole and came out the neck. That’s really a small target and for the lack of a better term you can say it was like a bullseye but actually a birdhole-in-one. You can also see our Brittany pointer in the back ground. Over the years our sons and I have taken dozens of birds with a bow and arrow but these two were Shane’s first. I’m surprised you didn’t hear him whoop and holler all the way to town. It’s not an easy sport (actually one of the most difficult of all shooting sports) and when he hit the first one in the air about six other hunters were watching and couldn’t believe it. Two guys later said they were bow hunters but had never even thought about trying to hit a fast flying bird in the air. So far this year I’m 0 for 8 with a bow and 5 out of nine with a gun. At least I was two for two for deer whatever little solace that is supposed to be.


From The Email Bag


Ted: My supervisor at work tends to have a lot of down time between confrontations with employees and she decided to spend the time reading to get her mind off of work.  Her first literary selection was “The Exorcist”. After reading several chapters she told me it was the most evil thing she’d ever read. In fact, she felt it was so evil and foul she couldn’t finish it. So, one day between visitations to work sites she told me she stopped on the bridge and threw the book as far as she could out into the river.  So… I went to Barnes and Noble and bought another copy. Then I ran it under the faucet and left it in her desk drawer for her to find… Karma!


More Things For Thought2016-9-30e

*The doctor only gave me four months to live so I shot him… the judge gave me 20 years.  Problem solved.

*I’m exceedingly glad that chocolate bars come in resealable packages so I can eat half now… and the other half a minute or two from now.

*I fell for all the TV advertising and I just got my DNA results from ancestry.com… turns out I’m one-quarter manatee.

*Scientists at the federal helium reserve indicate they’re storing over a billion cubic meters of helium gas… it’s a helluva lot funnier when they say it.

*Do the owner’s manuals that come with firearms have a trouble-shooting section?

*I’m returning the glasses I bought for the wife a few weeks ago… she’s still not seeing things my way.

*I’m sure there’s a bouncy castle inside the local Mosque in Davis… every time I go by it there’s a crapload of shoes outside.

*They were very quickly aware that Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change surgery was successful… she couldn’t back out of the hospital parking spot.

*If a pig loses its voice does it become disgruntled?

*The computers were down at work today so we had to do everything manually… it took me 20 minutes just to shuffle the cards to play solitaire.

*I wish “no more tangles” shampoo would work on Christmas lights.

*Females are super simple… with them yes means yes, no means yes, no means no and no means maybe, but maybe means yes and maybe sometimes means no.

“And the award for best neckwear goes to… damn!  Will you look at that!  It’s a tie!”

*I’ve reset my life goals to things I’ve already accomplished, so every day now I’m overachieving… it’s all about perspective.

*My wife asked me to get our red-headed son ready for his first day at school today… so I beat him up and took his lunch money.

*Punishing your husband by not talking to him is like trying to kill a fish by drowning it.

*There are plenty of jobs in the porn industry if you’re blessed with equipment like mine… camera man, light or sound man, electrician…

*I’m pretty sure that I’ve got an abnormal curvature of the upper spine… call it a hunch!

*My recent humidifier purchase was merely the inaugural move in my interesting and newfound hobby of humidifier collecting.

*I’m afraid I got off the elevator one floor too early… I may have premature evacuation.

*The human body is 60% water.. so we’re really just cucumbers with emotional issues.

*To all the college freshmen:  instead of a sock on your door hang a doughnut…..not only is “doughnut disturb” hilarious but your also providing a snack for your now homeless roommate.

*Three things you should not watch being made… sausages, laws, and your little brother.

*I’m going to buy my wife an artificial leg for Christmas… it’s just a stocking stuffer.

*I would like to thank the young lady who ran the last few miles of the half-marathon with me for not wearing a sports bra… your lack of support got me through.

*A Nigerian prince died and left millions of dollars to his damn cat… he’d been trying to share his wealth for years but no one would answer his e-mails.

*You know its winter when you trip over dog poop rather than smushing it.  

*As an avid painter I’m quite proud that some of my work is on display in the main gallery at the national museum… I did the baseboards.

*Got fired from my job at computer world today when a guy asked what was the best product for finding his ancestors… told him to buy a shovel.

*I’m trying to look at myself in the mirror… and I think to myself “do the kids just spit directly at their face when they’re brushing their teeth?”

*What’s with math teachers?  You do all the homework, study for the test, you’ve got it!… Then the first question is ‘If I throw a triangle out the car window at 20km/h and the wind resistance is a thing that exists how many cupcakes can Pedro buy with one human soul?’




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