8th 2009
Dixon’s newest police chief…

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Dixon’s newest police chief
Feels he is “meant to be here”

  Photo and story By Ted Hickman

Dixon’s new Police Chief Jon Cox, 49, is a 15 year resident of Vacaville so he knows Solano County and this area pretty well. He and his wife Betty have two children in college, Jarrett, 21, and Valerie, 20.
After graduating from UC Berkley in 1982 he went into a law enforcement career that spanned 25 years with the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department assuming duties which started initially with patrol and then ranged up to Chief of the Oakley Police Department (a contracted city with the county).
Cox retired from Contra Costa on May 8 as a Capitan and on May 9th was at the Dixon May Fair to start his second career as “Chief” in Dixon.
Although Contra Costa had more bells and whistles as far as equipment goes Cox said, “High Tech is not always the best.” He said, “After two months of learning how things are done here our priority in both manpower and equipment will be what is best for Dixon.”
He listed his main priority as public safety with traffic at the top of the list. Cox said, “Watching stop signs, the use of seat belts and controlling speed are some of the controllable factors where can prevent injuries and death.”
When asked about gangs he said, “Unfortunately gangs have an impact on all communities and we all need to be aware of the environment around us. People need to report when they see persons or activities where and when a criminal act could be involved.” Cox added, “Our officers can’t be everywhere all the time and we rely on the public to inform us when they see things are not right.”
“People in Dixon need to understand we maintain an average of about two and one-half minute response time on priority one calls,” Cox said, “And people need to try their best to be good witnesses to what they observe which will help both them and us resolve any problems.”
When questioned further about his “officers can’t be everywhere” statement Cox said, “Unfortunately law enforcement is largely responsive” in its action and reaction. He said, “Visibility has the most effect” in controlling things like a major through fare (meaning speeding and running stop signs, etc.) and in his officers spare time they will try to be more visible. He is currently two officers short and has one out injured.
When asked why he chose Dixon he said, “I am a person of strong faith and believe I have a purpose in life. I believe I am not here by chance. I believe I’m meant to be here. As a person of faith, with a strong Christian belief, it has an affect upon my life. My values are set high and I always try to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.”
He added he is a strong believer in “mentoring” to youth and involvement in the community, participating and leading by example.

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