21st 2011
Guest Editorial

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 Daddy Warbuck’s infulence is spreading…

This is a friend of Mike Ceremello who was recalled from office and

decided to start his own newspaper…this  is his first shot.


Welcome Cotatians, to the first issue of the Cotati Independent.  The exercise of reading this paper and the ensuing effort to engage your own ego will undoubtedly give you the Oakland Raider experience: you will either love it or hate it.  There will be little in between.


This paper is designed to fill a void created by the vacuum of socialistic democracy, where only one side has input and they not only make the rules but get the blame when their plans go awry.  This is notAmericabut some pipe dream of European origin.


There are few “statesmen” left in the political arena.  Those of us who practice this theology believe in listening to all but not allowing the majority to take rights from the minority.  This is why “progressives” absolutely detest the Constitution for its principles are the same.


Those of us who actively participate in government understand that Cotati is not a solitary island of leftist liberalism or liberal fascism.  The entire State ofCaliforniais about to sink under the loosely interpreted word of leadership emanating fromSacramento.


The problem we all should have with our government is that it is not self sustaining but doomed to failure.  The scheme is 1) we destroy the manufacturing segment of our economy in the name of environmentalism to 2) destroy our ability to produce to 3) make us reliant on nations who produce poor products and represent health hazards to 4) bring us down to a quality of life of those countries rather than bringing them up to ours to 5) equally sharing misery across the world.


Further, we debase our currency by not backing it with anything of substance.  This alone will guarantee the failure of our economy.  We make debtors of our children and their children.  Not a problem for those who don’t understand basic check balancing, as they simply print more money further debasing and devaluing our dollars.


Do we all want to live in compact communities of high rises and row houses?  Where is crime lower, in communities such as these or in rural or suburban settings where there is room to breathe?


This newspaper is a microcosm of the realAmericasurviving this ordeal by fire.  We are not lost until we give up.  Economic systems can be altered.  Keynesian economics of government stimulus has already failed during the time when John Maynard Keynes lived.  Evidently Mr. Obama didn’t learn from history so he is doomed to repeat it.


The bottom line is there is no free lunch.  You liberals can’t sit back and endorse this lemming’s run to the cliff of capitalistic extinction as your dearly beloved social programs will lose their funding.  You are killing the Golden Goose of free market entrepreneurship which provides your taxation sustenance.  How well did communism work out for Russians except for the bureaucrats feeding off the masses?


Conservatives and constitutionalists likewise can’t expect the system to right itself without fighting for core values.  To be silenced by the other side will no longer happen with the advent of this monthly edition.  More is needed than simply making noise.


It would be far preferable to be able to remove the productive elements from our society and cloister them away in some force field mountain fortress ala Ayn Rand’s description in Atlas Shrugged.  Instead we are allowing this vivisection to occur unimpeded by a centralized government with far more power than ever intended.  It occurs not just at the Federal level but is ingrained even at local levels.


You get to make the choice.  You can choose to educate yourself as to what transgressions have occurred in your community as well as those planned by reading this paper or you can wallow in the bliss of your own ignorance.


Although liberalism is well represented in other media already present in Cotati, we welcome your viewpoints and arguments to be published in this paper.  You don’t get debate, education, or enlightenment listening to your own voice …

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