13th 2011

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  It wasn’t that many years ago that John Tierman a member of the Dixon Boat Club use to hold a Big Brother fishing day once a year and asked for volunteers of Dixon Boat Club members to take kids fishing. It was a great success taking kids fishing and having a bb-q at the end of the day. I was a new member back when John was putting this program together and was lucky enough to take part in one of the last fishing days for the big brothers John put together. It was a thing to remember, with all the smiles on the kids faces.

  Well John passed away years ago and the program pasted with him as he was the sponsor and brought this event to the DBC. But as time moves on and one program gets moved to other facilities, but not forgotten others take there place. This year the DBC will be putting on their first annual Wounded Warrior Fishing Day. This is not a new event as it has been put on at many other places for our servicemen who have given of themselves for our great country. Well I am proud to say that the DBC is hosting their first annual. One of which being a DBC member will be volunteering for. They will be taking 25 wounded veterans from Travis out for a few hour of fishing and boating around on the water trying to catch fish with a bb-q at the end of the day for all. This will be taking place on October 1st. This great event is happening only because of Bill Griffith and Ron Brown two DBC members who are heading up this program. They will need other DBC members to step up and volunteer. I tip my hat to these guys and the DBC for getting another great program started that DBC members can take pride in.


 2011 C.O.Pro-Teen Classic XIV

  July 17th, 2011 at Russo’s Marina on Bethel Island, will mark the 14th year we’ve brought this event to Northern California introducing teens to the sport of bass fishing, tournament style! Teen registrations are already flowing in, and boaters are short. I have been donating my time and boat for the past 5 years taking a teen fishing and it is a great time. The event is a tournament style format and the kids live it. And let me tell you, some of these kids are great fishermen and women. Don’t kid yourself even though it’s called a Pro/teen tournament and a shared weight event you can take a back seat to catching fish. These kids take this event seriously and are out to win. Last count we were short about 20 boats, so if you have a bass boat and are looking for a great day on the water jump in and take a teen fishing. If you have any questions give Andy (Cooch) Cuccia a cal at  925-684-9775 or go to http://www.westernbass.com/dotcom/proteen/ this event is taking place this weekend on the 17th of July . I k now it’s short notice, but if you are able to get involved and just want to help out with the weight in or other parts of the event give Cooch a yell.





 # 1 is a Big black bass….#2 is a Big crappie that looks like a black bass…

#3 is a Big big striped bass…and #4 is a small striper and black bass side-by-side.



 Believe it or not a lot of people don’t know the difference between a striped bass and a black bass.  Outdoor editor Ted Hickman caught these two out with Shane Nichols on Friday (on black bass crank baits in the delta according to Ted) Black bass crank baits, hmm let me think about this. I buy a lot of lures and they don’t, well maybe some do specify a signal species of fish. But when a lure says good for bass what do they really mean.  Ted thought we could use a visual since a lot people do not the difference between large mouth bass and striped bass (aka line sides or tuxedo fish) Here is a photo to show the difference and show you folks the difference to see how the one got the name striped bass.  Pretty good example on the other one of the large mouth bass. These are the 2 side by side and I will show you 2 that Ted dreams about catching!!!!!!!!(he is outdoor editor so I maybe pushing the envelope).

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