17th 2011
THAT SECRET SPOT…No, not that one!

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The reason I am writing this is because it is why I am not receiving photos and stories of fishing and hunting trips from Dixon locals, or so I am told. Have you ever known of a secret spot or considered a spot a secret that only you knew about. And I’m not talking about a restaurant or that place on your girl friends lower back. Most fishermen and hunters have a few of these locations etched in stone and hidden in a vault in the back of there mind or so they think.

  Most of these areas are nothing more than a place where they have caught a few more fish or shot more birds than they have in other places. It’s true that some places produce better than others, but the fact of the matter is, is that you can duplicate and produce the same results in other places by matching patterns being it a bend in a river bank, a certain bait or lure, maybe a ledge or drop off into deeper water. Possibly another oak tree that deer really like to feed under.


  Well if you take a moment to think about it, most of these spots are just areas, lures and baits you have confidence in. Maybe when you are hunting in the woods you can keep these places a secret, but when you’re out on the water people see you and if you return to fish these places of confidence over and over they are not a secret anymore. Every other boat that drives by you is making a mental note of where you’re sitting and looking to see if you have fish hanging off the side of your boat. Stop for a moment and think about when the pro circuits come to California to fish bass tournaments. Do you think all these boats that follow them around come tournament day is to watch them catch fish, I don’t think so. They are just taking a short cut in the learning curve of finding new places to catch fish. These Bassmaster elite circuits pay out $100,000 to the winner and these guys have put in a lot practice time locating fish and since most of these anglers are fishing for a living as most of them are, there not going to be fishing unproductive spots.

  Here’s the deal, writing an outdoor column I want to share the results and success you have had with all the people that read the paper. I’m not asking for GPS (global positioning systems) coordinates so others can drop a dime on your fishing spot and even if they did what are the chances of duplicating your exact set up. Everyone fishes differently in the way they set up for bait fishing, the length of their leader or pound test of their line. If you are fishing with artificial lures then I really can’t imagine someone matching the reel speed or depth that I’m working a lure.

  What I’m asking is for those of you that spend time in our great outdoors is to send those pictures of your catch or what you bagged on a recent hunting trip. Share a little of what you were doing and where you went when you caught fish or made your kill. If I told you that I was out and caught 10 nice bass while fishing the Sacramento River with chartruse rattle traps I really don’t expect to see you sitting on the same place I was. Besides that, these fish are on the move most the time.

  So come on folks send me those photos of that great day you and you friends and family had in the outdoors so we can share them with everyone else. There is a lot of us out there that cannot get out to enjoy or great outdoors anymore, but still get great pleasure in reading about the adventures of others. And how about our younger generation that we all want growing up to appreciate and to help take care our great outdoors. I can remember as a young teen reading Field and Stream magazine and the weekly fishing reports in the paper only to hound my dad for next few days until we went fishing again. We would share these trips with our buddies when we got home or back to school on Monday, but to have your picture in the paper with your catch would have really been cool. So I’m asking you, please send your photos and a short story of your trip to   ( ) so we can tell all those that can no longer get out and those that just love to read about our great outdoors. If you are that worried about losing your secret spot to others, then all you have to do is just change your location a little and who would know the difference and than you can rest at ease the next time you head out your secret spot it will be waiting for you.

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