October 17th 2014
That’s Life©1966 #537 (10-17-14)*

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Four guys carjack a woman a couple of blocks from us. I can’t wait until one of these brave fellows pick’s a veteran,biker or hunter’s house and they get immediate justice. Get your women pepper spray and lock & load.



Nothing To Do Around Here?

            First of all I guess I need to remind folks there are 365 days in a year. You know that right? How about sharing that information with the Dixon Chamber of commerce, they should be (once again) the clearing center for all events that are commerce orientated and try to help avoid duplicate events on the same day.



  Senior Resource Fair 2013



The following will be taking place pretty much all at the same time tomorrow: Dixon RCD annual plant sale from 8 to 12 at 6390 Lewis Rd. in Vacaville, Dixon Youth Soccer much of the day, Dixon Senior Resource Center annual do (at senior center), Yolo Black Powder Shooters tourney Saturday and Sunday  (at Yolo Sportsman  range), Dixon Lions Club poker tourney, fire department fund raiser dinner (at fire department I guess), and the big home and garden show at Jelly Belly from 10am to 6pm., today through Sunday…all tomorrow, Saturday, October 18, plus a couple of private events at the fairgrounds and the Silveyville Pumpkin Patch and the Cool Patch all in full operation…whew!  Most all of these things are open to the general public so pick out a couple and go.

wblack pwoderwgun posterv #1Rick Bello shooting  black powder rifle

Rick Bello of Dixon shooting black powder rifle

I know the Dixon Lions Club has some tickets left for its annual fund raising Texas-Hold-em tournament help at the old Vet’s Hall downtown. A few tickets will also be available at the door for those who’ve waited. Food and drink at 6 pm (tri-tip sandwich included with your $75 buy in) with dealing to begin at 7. If you’ve never played you should, it’s for a good cause where all the money earned stays in the community.


 Lions card game 2013


How Do I Vote?


 As I usually do I’m getting calls from folks wanting to know how to vote… really. All I can do is tell them how I’m going to vote and try to simply explain the complex ballot issues.First of all, on the local level, the picture above needs an explanation… “and I approve of this message”. After seeing this photo the higher ups in the Democratic Party issued a statement saying, “If you like President Obama vote for Ted for city council.” Interestingly enough the higher ups in the Republican party, not to be out done, issued a statement saying, “If you don’t like President Obama vote for Ted for the city council.” Can you believe that!


 The State Ballot


Now for the California ballot. First of all I don’t know who in the hell any of the judges are, and they keep info about them scarce, so I’m voting NO on all of themLike it will make a difference. I’m also voting NO on just about all of the incumbents… they had their chance and they blew it as far as I am concerned. Just vote for whoever is new for both state and federal taxpayer troughs.

Props 1 & 2probably both deserve a yes vote since the “twin tunnels” was taken out and these measures should have been taken care of before the drought… So YES on them both.

Prop 45… setting all of the crap aside 45 could use a yes vote ignoring the insurance companies millions spent against it. Vote YES

Prop 46 is a complex three layered beast that will do good things but could cost us a lot, like a five to 25 percent increase in our insurance rates… so if you want what it gives and are willing to pay vote YES, otherwise NO. (I’m going with no).

Prop 47 is a no brainer and long overdue making less serious offenses non prison terms (under the right circumstances) freeing up prison space for the more violent, etc. Vote YES

Prop 48… we have enough Indian gambling that isn’t really helping the tribes like they said it would vote NO

In the local election just don’t vote for either of the incumbents or the appointed city treasurer who is the mayor’s choice to give his three man majority a fourth vote… Unless of course you like the $7 million dollar hole, the double sewage rate, triple water rates and want more low income housing and more gifts for developers… If that’s what you want vote for the people with the most signs and don’t worry about who really owns that candidate.


Copy of mike_ceremello 2010

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… every elected body from here to the white House needs a Mike Ceremello to keep things on the up and up. Mike is our local political bulldog, or pit-bull if you prefer, who will fight to the end for what he believes is right. I’m voting for him.  I’m sure he has the backing of the taxpayers association and the 1,500 or so people that signed the “Let us Vote” campaign. Remember that (see photo above)? They petitioned the city for the right to vote and your present city council spit in their faces essentially telling they weren’t smart enough to vote on the sewage issue…I wonder how smart these “dummies” will be at the polls? Will they vote for the council’s/mayor’s choice of Pederson or either of the two incumbents… should be interesting.



You All Remember Dane “Sleept Besneatte the attorney who as vice mayor of Dixon used his city (voter given) title to try and get an accused child molester a break in a Yolo County court room. He and the other incumbent Bogue voted for the $7 million dollar stupid hole downtown, to triple water rates and double sewage rates and until it was too late to matter, supported the council’s refusal to let the public vote on the $30 million sewage solution… this is who wants you to elect them for another four years…Think about it. Their supporters get upset about this kind of coverage but facts are facts. The incumbents have a reserved space in this column to correct anything that isn’t true…


 zzzzzzz2014 election [ic2

The president and vice president of the elect Hickman campaign.



More Things For Thought

2014 Smikley - Copy

Are you surprised at life in general or is it just the way you plucked your eyebrows?

You call him a drug dealer… he refers to himself as “An astute, urban entrepreneur embracing the ever-booming chemical escapism market”.

I see you have some graph paper… you must be plotting something.

If we could devise a method to trap the energy men expend chewing, scratching and BS’n… there would be no need for foreign oil.

Heaven is arriving at Disneyland with your grandchildren for a great day… hell is still being there 11 hours later.

Your honor, as a casual observer I’d like to speak in the young ladies defense… in my opinion it was pretty decent exposure.

A friend that steals your tortilla chips is nacho friend.

 The good news is my proctologist called and all the tests were negative… the bad news is his ring is missing.

Nothing is worse than having jock itch… especially if you’re within 100 feet of a school or playground.

When the wife got her tongue pierced I asked her why?… she said to “enhanthe the thektual thimulation”.

Did you know that if you put dry tea bags in your shoes they absorb the nasty odor?  Your shoes smell great… but the tea tastes so bad it’s hardly worth the effort.

I purchased a semi-auto 9mm pistol but it only holds nine rounds… so when I finally go over the edge I only get to kill nine people or one cat.

How many instruments do you have to fail at before you start playing the triangle?

My kids asked if they were adopted… not yet, but we are hopeful.

Seven years bad luck for breaking a mirror is no big thing… break a condom and 18 years are shot to hell.

My moral compass must be solar powered… because it definitely quits after dark.

A man with a protruding gut was standing outside a Dixon elementary school and a faculty member approached and asked “are you expecting a child”…he responded “no, that’s from all the beer.”

Joined our neighborhood watch organization but there’s about 30 of us so I only get to wear it maybe one day a month.

My best friend told me his wife talks a lot in her sleep… “I know” was probably not the best answer.

With God all things are possible… but with money all things are probable and with a good accountant most are deductible.

 It may have looked like I was doing crunches… actually I was just trying to get up.

Arguing with a woman is like being attacked by a bear… you’re better off just playing dead and hoping they get bored and walk away.

I feel like trying new things in bed… for instance getting out of it.

If Forrest Gump ever got a personal computer what do you think his password would be?… 1forrest1

I find I’m never too old to just throw random crap in other peoples shopping carts when they look away.

Just replaced the damn cat’s litter with 44 packages of pop rocks… and now we wait.

Every grocery store has free samples… if you’re quick enough.

I bought a toilet brush at Wal-Mart the other day but it’s really abrasive… think I’ll go back to paper.

Evidently trying to schedule the parent-teacher conference over drinks and remarking “let’s just see what happens” is considered inappropriate.





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October 17th 2014
The Ability To Think

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Today we get to consider the wisdom of Alexis de Tocqueville, a French nobleman who traveled to America for two years in 1831 to ostensibly observe penitentiaries in America.  As de Tocqueville is a rather lengthy name, he shall be referenced in the rest of this brief treatise as Alex.  What came out of Alex’s travels was De la démocratie en Amérique or more familiarly Democracy in America.

The specific and temporally pertinent discourse applies to where we find America and Dixon today.  It is hard to believe that Alex wasn’t taking lessons from Nostradamus, another Frenchman who was born 300 years earlier in 1503.  His comments were interesting from the perspective of being unapologetic in pointing out the propensity of the populace to be turned into farm animals.  But more on that later.

In Volume II, Book 4, Chapter 6 of Democracy in America, Alex writes about soft despotism:

Thus, After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.

 I have always thought that servitude of the regular, quiet, and gentle kind which I have just described might be combined more easily than is commonly believed with some of the outward forms of freedom, and that it might even establish itself under the wing of the sovereignty of the people.

 Our contemporaries are constantly excited by two conflicting passions: they want to be led, and they wish to remain free. As they cannot destroy either the one or the other of these contrary propensities, they strive to satisfy them both at once. They devise a sole, tutelary, and all-powerful form of government, but elected by the people. They combine the principle of centralization and that of popular sovereignty; this gives them a respite: they console themselves for being in tutelage by the reflection that they have chosen their own guardians. Every man allows himself to be put in leading-strings, because he sees that it is not a person or a class of persons, but the people at large who hold the end of his chain.

By this system the people shake off their state of dependence just long enough to select their master and then relapse into it again. A great many persons at the present day are quite contented with this sort of compromise between administrative despotism and the sovereignty of the people; and they think they have done enough for the protection of individual freedom when they have surrendered it to the power of the nation at large. This does not satisfy me: the nature of him I am to obey signifies less to me than the fact of extorted obedience. I do not deny, however, that a constitution of this kind appears to me to be infinitely preferable to one which, after having concentrated all the powers of government, should vest them in the hands of an irresponsible person or body of persons. Of all the forms that democratic despotism could assume, the latter would assuredly be the worst.

 When the sovereign is elective, or narrowly watched by a legislature which is really elective and independent, the oppression that he exercises over individuals is sometimes greater, but it is always less degrading; because every man, when he is oppressed and disarmed, may still imagine that, while he yields obedience, it is to himself he yields it, and that it is to one of his own inclinations that all the rest give way. In like manner, I can understand that when the sovereign represents the nation and is dependent upon the people, the rights and the power of which every citizen is deprived serve not only the head of the state, but the state itself; and that private persons derive some return from the sacrifice of their independence which they have made to the public.

To translate, people want to be free but also to be led.  Thinking, as well as making decisions for yourself, is work best left to others because you don’t have the time or inclination, preferring instead to take the kids to soccer practice or drink beer while watching the tube.  You have no problem becoming “a flock of timid and industrious animals”, a.k.a sheep, “of which the government is the shepherd”.  Although Alex didn’t directly call you “sheep”, the term shepherd eliminates other possibilities.

There is far more to analyzing Alex’s observations than I can afford to spend time on here.  More broadly, the “network of small complicated rules” is what we see on the local level.  You can’t do this and you can’t do that, unless you are one of the bad old boys who essentially are the current aristocracy, deserved or not.

It is quite difficult for me to convey these concepts to you at not only an intellectual level you will understand but because you are inured into this system which robs you of your freedoms slowly but surely over time.  You only think you have freedom.

You have been convinced to recycle.  You have been convinced there is global warming despite any and all proofs to the contrary.  You go along with Jack Batchelor and his $28.5 million activated sludge process because he is your leader which you refuse to question.

You might be interested to know that “activated sludge” was developed in the 1950’s.  Rather than progress into the twenty first century and use something like “ferrate treatment”, Jack and the State Water Board would prefer you continue to drive 58 Chevy’s (maybe that is a bad example) rather than a brand new Corvette with 650 horse power.  On second thought, Jack and most other liberals would prefer you go back to the horse and buggy as his second best option to you just leaving the planet.

The bottom line to de Tocqueville’s observations is this is all about freedom and being fooled.  What Alex fails to recognize is the spirit of the American people as well as our ability to wake up every so often.  Perhaps those on government handouts, there’s not anything exactly “industrious” in this situation, are incapable of recognizing their situation but even they have their own form of freedom unassailable by bureaucracy because they disobey the rules and there aren’t enough enforcers to do anything about it.  Being satisfied with your freedoms may consist of your six pack and big screen tv.

Is that all you really want out of life?  I know most just want to be left alone.  Rulers find that an impossibility.  I find it to be an expected fault on their part.  Some who would rule are only focused on forcing others to obey.  This comes from not recognizing or realizing that positions in our government, as well as our city staff, are there to “serve the people” rather than lord over the populace.

You have an election this November.  Don’t you think it would be a good idea to elect people who understand these concepts?  I am tiring of fighting for you when you won’t fight for yourselves.  It is amazing that so few are willing to see …



* * * * *

I would like to thank Deborah Cumins for her letter to the editor in last week’s paper.  Her logic demonstrates quite well the foregoing section of this column.  It also shows exactly why I write the way I write.

For those of you who missed it, Deborah stated she agrees with what I say but not how I say it and therefore won’t vote for me.  To quote Shakespeare from Romeo and Juliet in Act 2 and Scene 2, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet;”.  Referencing the detestable positions of Scatt Pederson by another name would only serve to lessen their impact on the dulled senses of Dixon’s population.  Do you truly feel electing this individual or any other “nice” happy horse is going to create true and needed change within our government?


Let’s look at her other examples as well as conclusions. “Maybe Steve isn’t all that sharp”.  Maybe Ms. Cumins never got to see Alexander in action.  When there are no repercussions to your actions, those actions persist.  Some would call what I do “bullying”.  As untenable as the term “spanking” is to this generation of liberal loons, and we have seen what the lack of corporal punishment has wrought, publically spanking incompetence and blatant stupidity becomes necessary lest it continue.

One more quote Deborah didn’t like, “For those of you who still can think even though you reside in Dixon …”, is appropriate as many of us have been lulled into political apathy.  Why would anyone think that “civility” or “reaching across the aisle” is a solution when it has given us the system we now endure?

As for sarcasm not being professional, I direct your attention to Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity or to those on the left who labeled Sarah Palin as “a pig with lipstick”.  The gentlemen named make far more money than you or I and are quite professional as well as sarcastic.  At least I didn’t liken Dixon to Limbaugh’s Rio Linda.

I would suggest to Ms. Cumins that she has a deeper psychological problem coupled with her acceptance of the position foisted on her by government and society.  Many of us have this same problem.  You simply don’t like strength when you see it or know how to handle it.

I would prefer your vote but perhaps you prefer lukewarm tea …

* * * * *

To wrap this up, there are a two items which have come to my attention.  At this year’s Grillin’ and Chillin’, an armed forces veteran witnessed Devon Minnema’s disrespectful treatment of the American flag.  I have been told by eye witnesses that after Devon took the flag down and dropped it on the ground, that rather than folding it he balled it up and stuffed it into a box.  The vet was so hot he got in his vehicle and left rather than confronting Minnema.


If Devon is this disrespectful of our Nation’s flag, why would any of us want to install him into a leadership position?  How does a kid who has attended national conservative caucuses betray his supposed and preached principles?  Was this a sign of immaturity or something far deeper?

Is this excusable as an unthinking action of youth?  Was it no big deal?  Yet what is no big deal to some is a mighty big deal to others.  If you are going to represent Dixon, Devon, you need to understand you represent us all.  Some would say I am calling the kettle black, but criticizing ignorance in no uncertain terms is quite different than burning a cross in someone’s yard.

The second item is the incorrect assertion that Thom Bogue flip-flopped on Planned Development Areas, or PDA’s, as stated by both Mary Savage and Shirley Humphrey.  Bogue was the only person who voted no both times.  The problem came because Bogue revived a dead subject and allowed time for Jack Batchelor to persuade Steve Bird and Jerry Castañon to change their initial positions after they had been scared by the raucous public turnout of the first meeting.  The real “flip flops” were Bird and Castañon in this case.

 If I were to list all of the other instances where Bogue actually flipped, I would need another page.  We could start with Measure N, the Sunshine ordinance …


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October 11th 2014
That’s Life©1966 #536 (10-10-14)*

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Thank you’s are in order. I want to thank Steve Alexander, the Vacaville Reporter, the Solano County Board of Realtors, and all of the various unions, etc. for NOT ENDORSING me…This tells the public exactly what I want them to know!(See bribes below).


The Vote By Mail Ballots Are Out


I only have a couple of dozen signs so if you’d like one please email or call me especially if you live on a corner or busy street…I’m getting signed slugged to death by all of the other candidates with deep pockets… even though mostly they are someone else’s pockets.

So far appointed city treasurer, the heir apparent pick by the reigning majority, Pederson leads the bribe race (surprise!) reported having a war chest of $8,614 followed by Minnema (kid learns quick huh?) with $3,589, followed by Bogue with$2,400 and Besneatte with $1,690 (reported). The other two candidates, Ceremello and I reported no bribes accepted.

Signs really don’t matter votes do… As of Wednesday we started receiving the vote by mail ballots in Dixon. You can fill them out and mail them now if you wish, take them to city hall or wait until Election Day and drop them off at your precinct. No matter what you choose to do just make sure to check the first name on the ballot for Dixon… Just happens to be me. If you don’t have anyone else to vote for you can vote for only one.



No Wimps Here!

2014 wATER Polo

If you want to talk about tough you need to attend the last Dixon High School water polo game against Fairfield on Wednesday October 22. You can see both girl’s and boys’ varsity teams in action at the Hall Park pool starting at 4 p.m. Above you can see #22 Claire Mitchel (lower right) score a goal at Tuesday’s match. Who knew? This isn’t a sport for pansies.



2014 Dollar Bill

During the eight hours we spent volunteering in the ticket booth at Lambtown last weekend we received a dollar with “wheresgeorge” stamped on it. I tracked it back on the computer web site and found out it started being tracked July 23 in Ripon, 27 days and three hours and 98 miles later it showed up in Santa Rosa. And then 49 days and 21 hours and 47 miles later it made its way to Lambtown in Dixon. Kind of a neat site to play with if you have time. Just go there and enter a bill’s info and then track where it goes and see how long it took to get there…we’re passing it on.



Not So Neat Lambtown Treat…Eat A Puppy…?

azzzzzthe loook


The sign, when they let me read it said, “Would you eat a baby puppy…” Two misguided young girls from some Vegan group spent a few hours trying to get the attention of Lambtown goers. About 99 per cent ignored them and their hand made signs. A couple tried to tell them this was more of a “wool show” than anything else and was about collection and spinning wool into useful things. They didn’t want to listen. I finally got out of the booth and went out to see what the signs said since they had their backs to us. I had a Lambtown hat on so the one girl kept turning away and wouldn’t let me see her sign. I finally got around and saw the “Would you eat a (redundant?) baby puppy…” Now those of you that know me can pick the actual one comment you’d think I made from the ones below:

  1. Ever tried it?
  2. You know this is a semi-hippie wool show all organic and stuff don’t you?
  3. You know your partner here is carrying a leather purse don’t you?

After getting nothing but a dirty look and not being able to establish a dialogue I left with my parting shot which was:

  1. Aren’t you supposed to talk to people?
  2. You aren’t being very responsible or helping your cause by being rude.
  3. For you information… they taste just like Spotted Owl.

Several really neat things did happen. One was a lady who told us to “pass it on” as she paid for the next person who came to the window. The next seven people in a row we tried to pass it on to did the same thing…We finally told a service man’s wife she got in free and used the free pass.

The second thing was several rural people thank us for printing the piece about the dirt balls who abandoned helpless animals out in the country thinking they will somehow revert to the wild and survive. They said they see it all the time with a poor family pet curled up in a ball waiting for its “family” to come back and get them. They usually die of starvation or dehydration if the SPCA can’t get to them first. If you see someone dump and animal get the license number and call the sheriff’s department and get the idiots busted… please.


MoreThings For Thought2014 Smikley - Copy


Watch your butt while in the hospital… its enema territory.


It’s been said you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear… but a lot of women have figured out how to get a mink coat out of an old goat.


A fashion house in New York is marketing a wedding dress that sells for $99… The perfect way to tell your boyfriend “I do, I guess”.


I found a baby snake in my backyard while mowing… I won’t have to mow for a long time since the yard is now on fire.


I don’t  know guys.  The whole “play dead when a bear attacks” thing sound suspiciously like something the bears might have come up with.


Faces you make when sitting on the toilet… ( o_o ), ( >_< ), ( o_o), ( ^_^).


Why on earth would you name your child hunter?  Hunter is a profession… that’s like naming your kid dentist.


As we grow older we become more and more like the stars… gaseous and dying.


In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth… everything else was made in China.


All I ask is that when some fool murders me you show up and insist they make the chalk outline four sizes smaller.


I saw a guy at the mall today with several lip-ring piercings… it took all my self-control not to attach a shower curtain.


Not only do pharmacists fill prescriptions but now they give immunizations and do diabetic counseling and just today the company installed a defibrillator… it’s great for making grilled cheese sandwiches.


The last time I had sex, in celebration, I fired my musket skyward… accidentally alerting the confederates to our presence.


When you have a bladder infection you know urine trouble.


Mom always told me that “happiness comes from within”… probably why it feels so good to pass gas.


The wife feels I’m quite immature yet she did say I do do a lot for the good of the family… I’m still giggling over the “do do” part.


I think it’s neat how if you add a glass of orange juice to some champagne it seems to say “I’m classy”… instead of “It’s nine in the morning and you have a drinking problem!”


Did you ever think the reason men won’t ask directions is because they don’t want to arrive at whatever foolish destination their lady picked out?


I’m slowly tending toward becoming a vegetarian so for now I’m only eating seafood… like lobster, prawns and drowned cows.


If I ever go missing it sure won’t be hiking in the mountains… so you don’t even have to look there.


Starting to get really worried about this Ebola virus I keep hearing about… I mean, I’ve got Norton, but still…


I wanted to spend some special time with my granddaughter so I took her shopping, to lunch and a movie… I asked her on the way home what her favorite part was… she said the M&M’s.


Do you ever wake up, kiss the person beside you and just be thankful for being alive?  I did… it’s not really appreciated on airline flights apparently.


True love doesn’t care about the appearance or size of your wallet; it’s all about what’s inside… your wallet.


Teachers are a lot like an alarm clock… they won’t shut up when you’re trying to sleep.


I seemingly have a really nice butt and was totally unaware of it until today… after talking to a couple of young women as I walked away I heard one of them say “what an ass!”.


Conversations between Adam and eve must have been difficult… who’d they have to gossip about?


You remind me a lot of Viagra… it seems like you exist just to make my life harder.


Amazon is selling used copies of “fifty shades of grey”… ewe!


Very few people are aware that albert Einstein had an evil brother, also a scientist, who created a monster from body parts… his name was Frank.

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October 11th 2014
Elect Ted Hickman to the Dixon City Council

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Letter to the Editor, Vacville Reporter, Dixon Tribune

               Ted Hickman has been a member of the Dixon Post 208 of the American Legion for over 25 years and recently served more than four years a Vice Commander under both Robert Fletcher and Greg Coppes. He is the only candidate who has, and still will help, the veterans and active military in the community. If you are a veteran or active duty you should vote for him.

Hickman co-founded Dixon Little League and arranged for the Dixon City Council to give that group a 100 year lease for $1 a year. Both of their sons, many years later, played and he and his wife were board members. He held every board position from President to safety officer. He had the field named Larson Park while a councilmember. If you have kids who played or are playing you should vote for him.

Ted and his wife Linda were both board members of the Dixon Soccer Club and Ted served as head referee for several years. He and his wife and sons were all certified soccer coaches and referees. He is still a certified State Referee and USSF referee instructor and just completed teaching and turning out 19 new referees for DYSL. He was the driving force behind the formation of Northwest Park and the installation of the soccer fields. He had the big field named after Neil Rotteveel for bringing soccer to Dixon. If you have kids who are or have played soccer you should vote for him.

He and his family have operated the Dixon Toys for Tots/Community Christmas Programs since about 1966 and have made the holiday season much better times for thousands of families, tens of thousands of children and thousands of senior citizens in the 48 years he and his family have run this private, non-profit organization. If you have worked with this organization or been a recipient you should vote for him.

He has been a photo-journalist in Dixon since coming here from Ohio in the 60’s to take over as Editor of the Dixon Tribune. In his seven years as editor he won the only first place state and national award the paper has ever received and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

He has received over 50 awards for both business and personal accomplishments and the list goes on and on. They had been involved in 4-H, FFA Dixon swim team, high school band and all of the school things in which their two sons, Trey and Joel were involved.

Not one of the other five candidates can hold a candle to this. Oh, I forgot he also has served three elected terms on the city council, that’s 12 years.

He deserves your vote. He can’t be bought or sold and is only in this election to give the people of Dixon an honest, non-controlled voice on their elected body. He’s first on the ballot please remember to check his name. You should vote for him.

Mr.and Mrs. Shane Nichols,

Dixon, Ca. 95620

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October 11th 2014
Some DHS homecoming photos

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King and QueenIMG_0620

IMG_0636IMG_0621IMG_0623Opening kickoff run back for TD

IMG_0631Another touchdown run

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October 11th 2014
What More Can I Say

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As there is no council meeting this week I had intended to write a treatise on the communist aristocracy hypocrisy known as our two party system.  As others have already said many times, the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is who gets to game the system for four years.  However, it looks like that will have to wait until we take a look once again at local politics.


There was a campaign contribution reporting period ending on October 6th.  The results pretty much prove what I have been telling you about the candidates.  Actually, it also verifies what Terrible Ted has been saying as well.


First the easy part.  Neither Ted nor I filed because neither of us are spending over $1000 and we are spending our own money.  Looks like Ted is serious about not being bought and no one has ever tried to buy me.  I have often wondered why I haven’t at least received an offer.  It must be that apparent to everyone that I say what I mean and mean what I say.


It does amuse me that many of you won’t vote for me because you don’t like my style of being in the establishment’s faces.  So you want a warrior for God to have a limp wrist, speak with a lisp, and whine when he fails to accomplish your goals?  I’m sorry but the State legislature is full of this perversion of humanity and we are watching them drag this State into the hellish state which the Federal government desires for all of the States: communistic centralized government making all of your decisions for you.  I don’t have time to be nice as I watch Dixon’s freedoms burn.


Returning to the issue at hand, it appears that the incumbents, Thom Bogue and Dane Besneatte, are liked by the same people who have brought Dixon to the point it is at.  The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers donated $250 to both Bogue and Besneatte while the Carpenters Union gave Dane $500.  Just what we need.  More councilmen owing unions a payback.  Bogue got $250 from Recology.  Guess we won’t be reviewing their contract any time soon will we, Darth?


Devon Minnema, on the other hand, at least raised his money from an incongruent group of followers.  Minnema and I have a lot in common with a basis in libertarian philosophy.  I can see why John Dawson, whom I respect for his intelligence, knowledge (no those aren’t the same thing), and conservatism would support Devon.  On the other hand, Steve Alexander garners little credibility in any of those areas.


Perhaps Minnema can persuade those of paradoxical opposite views to accept his moderate middle of the road decisions based on his limited experience.  At least he isn’t being bought by those who expect something in return other than good government.  Also, it appears that the rumor that Devon had taken money from Dan Figueroa and then spoke on Dan’s behalf at a planning commission meeting was false … or at least he didn’t report it.


Finally we have Scott (Scatt) Pederson, the darling of the beautiful people who didn’t disappoint me with his campaign finance revelations whatsoever.  The list of beautiful people includes some unusual ones which would lead one to question why these people support him.


Why are John Vasquez and Jim Spering, both Solano County supervisors, contributing to a campaign of little impact on their county positions?  Marc Tonnesen, the county assessor, also donated.  All one big happy family seems to be the goal of the political establishment.  Of course the same question could be asked to Darth Bogue who contributed to Spering’s opposition, Pam Bertani.  The reasons are quite different but quite the same.  Pay back it seems comes in many shapes and sizes.


The usual suspects, Warren Salmons and Mary Ann Courville, are joined by others on the far left such as Marime Burton and Russ Cayler.  The obvious pay back companies looking for protection or more include the garbage company Recology as an “other” along with three of their managers, Scott Pardini, Bruce Gondry, and Ed Farewell, First Northern Bank’s CEO Karen Walker, and Richland Management, a home developer.  Someone needs to tell Lynne De Bie that a school counselor doesn’t qualify as a teacher, from which she claims to be in retirement.  Scott received a whopping total of $6000 from all of these people and more.


Now I ask you this question.  How exactly did the unions help you in picking Steve Bird, Jerry Castañon, and Jack Batchelor during the last election?  We already know the Dixon Positive Action Committee and how supportive they were of these same three candidates.  So why in the world would you want more of the same?


Maybe you like being told the lies coming forth from the mouths of these haters of the citizens of Dixon.  I went to a debate between Dan Logue and John Garamendi on Wednesday night and Logue’s primary message was that people don’t trust their government any more.  It appears that Dixon must not have gotten that message because you elected people who mirror exactly what the problem is and will remain unless you come to your senses.


It would seem to me you have a pretty clear cut choice here.  You have three candidates, Bogue, Besneatte, and Pederson who offer nothing but more of the same.  You can put lipstick on Bogue and his happy horse (Bronze Ram) but his ideas are reminiscent of John Waterman’s in wanting to put stamped concrete with pictures of Disney characters to act as a draw to get people downtown.  These aren’t dreams, they are nightmares.


The remaining three candidates can be separated on the basis of age and real life experience.  Devon Minnema has shown us nothing of who he really is until he opened his mouth during the debates and at the planning commission meeting.  While definitely sharper by far than most his age, he is like the young lion going up against the patriarch of the pride.  He can’t compete except to answer the line from the song, “I hope we don’t get fooled again.”  Many of you will be.


Next you have the geezers of the group, not counting Dane who isn’t far behind, in Ted Hickman and yours truly.  If you need to read my campaign literature to find out who I am and what I am about, you must have been hiding under a rock for the last twenty years.  I don’t pull punches and I call a spade a spade.  Most of you are afraid of fighters even when they are fighting for you.  You must fear that I could turn on you one day.


I imagine that our generals and many of our military men understand that last point quite well.  Petty dictators, such as Hussein Obama and Batchelor, demand total loyalty and eliminate opposition.  The strong among us already know what to expect.  When the wolf comes for you after you remove your guard dog from your home, who gets eaten?


Yes, there are only two of us who refuse to take latent bribes from deep pockets with something to gain.  Ted claims he and I aren’t running together as a team.  Ted also claims he really doesn’t want to win because he can’t stand the thought of being on a council for four years with me.  Tell me, Ted, would it be better to be on a council for four years with any of the other candidates who are losers compared to you and I?  Let me straighten something out for you all.


Ted and I aren’t running as a team.  We don’t even like each other.  We tolerate each other.  The only reason I support him for this position is because I know two things.  The other three sitting councilmen will be miserable as Ted will tell them exactly what he thinks of their illogic and votes and Ted recognizes some of the real problems brought on by a city staff who think they get to make the decisions.  Ted won’t cave in unlike some incumbents I know.


What I am trying to say about both Ted and myself are we are individuals and not some dream team.  This crap about being a team was started by the big MAC when she was mayor.  Group think is the purview of centralized big government bureaucrats and officials who think they are more equipped than the populace to make everyone’s decisions.  I am all about personal choice, accountability, and responsibility.  So Ted and I agree on some of this.  That doesn’t make us clones.


You have a choice to make and all six of the candidates have demonstrated to whom we will owe our allegiance.  You can choose one of the union or establishment types.  You can choose youthful exuberance.  You can choose wily, adept and experienced leadership.


The bottom line you have to remember is this.  Have I been wrong once before?  I don’t think so ….

* * * * *

My treatise will have to wait as I have run out of room.  I bring you this from the candidate’s forum for the Congressional seat now occupied by John Garamendi.  It is very interesting to watch a liberal attempt to spin reality toward a direction which favors what he and his fellow communists have been doing.


John spent a good portion of the evening attempting to dispute facts which were indisputable by telling us we aren’t looking at them properly.  “Every thing will be okay … just let me keep doing what I have been doing.”  No, John, that isn’t going to work.


To claim you took an oath to defend the Constitution when you obviously have no clue as to what is or isn’t in the Constitution is laughable.  To blame George Bush and Ronald Reagan for current conditions is likewise ridiculous.  To claim that disease isn’t coming across the border because of your administration’s policies and your desire for “major immigration reform” as a solution is ludicrous.


Dan Logue’s claim that there was major immigration reform in the 1980’s under Ronald Reagan hit right to the heart of the matter.  Logue asked Garamendi point blank, “why don’t you enforce the law that is already in place?”  Garamendi said nothing.


If John is so upset at the President for not going to Congress (Congress is both the Senate and the House of Representatives and not just the latter, John), will you be the first to call for Obama’s impeachment?  I hear no one on your side of the aisle who feels the President has done anything that grievous.  You are just one of the problems in government.


Logue spoke of trust and how the average citizen doesn’t trust the government.  This rings true and comes home to us even at the local level of government.  How can I trust Logue to be more than just words?  He acknowledges the same concerns I have been espousing for years.  Dan is now in position to become part of the change apparatus to bring back America to its former glory rather than making excuses for the failures of the “hope and change” charlatans.  The proof is, as they say, in the pudding.


If over-regulation is a recognized problem stopping a manufacturing sector comeback and this is what John Garamendi sees as one of his five core needs, what has John done to actually bring back the sector?  Your time is up Dixon and America.


Either we continue with checked pants RINO’s and wealth redistribution liberal communists or we vote for real change.  I would say that points right at Dan Logue …

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October 4th 2014
Elect Ted Hickman to the Dixon City Council

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You presently have six candidates vying for two seats on the Dixon City Council; all six want it but one has earned the right for your support.


               Ted Hickman has been a member of the Dixon Post 208 of the American Legion for over 25 years and recently served more than four years a Vice Commander under both Robert Fletcher and Greg Coppes. He is the only candidate who has, and still will help, the veterans and active military in the community. If you are a veteran or active duty you should vote for him.

Hickman co-founded Dixon Little League and arranged for the Dixon City Council to give that group a 100 year lease for $1 a year. Both of their sons, many years later, played and he and his wife were board members. He held every board position from President to safety officer. He had the field named Larson Park while a councilmember. If you have kids who played or are playing you should vote for him.

Ted and his wife Linda were both board members of the Dixon Soccer Club and Ted served as head referee for several years. He and his wife and sons were all certified soccer coaches and referees. He is still a certified State Referee and USSF referee instructor and just completed teaching and turning out 19 new referees for DYSL. He was the driving force behind the formation of Northwest Park and the installation of the soccer fields. He had the big field named after Neil Rotteveel for bringing soccer to Dixon. If you have kids who are or have played soccer you should vote for him.

He and his family have operated the Dixon Toys for Tots/Community Christmas Programs since about 1966 and have made the holiday season much better times for thousands of families, tens of thousands of children and thousands of senior citizens in the 48 years he and his family have run this private, non-profit organization. If you have worked with this organization or been a recipient you should vote for him.



He has been a photo-journalist in Dixon since coming here from Ohio in the 60’s to take over as Editor of the Dixon Tribune. In his seven years as editor he won the only first place state and national award the paper has ever received and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

He has received over 50 awards for both business and personal accomplishments and the list goes on and on. They had been involved in 4-H, FFA Dixon swim team, high school band and all of the school things in which their two sons, Trey and Joel were involved.

Not one of the other five candidates can hold a candle to this. Oh, I forgot he also has served three elected terms on the city council, that’s 12 years.

He deserves your vote. He can’t be bought or sold and is only in this election to give the people of Dixon an honest, non-controlled voice on their elected body. He’s first on the ballot please remember to check his name. You should vote for him.


Mr. and Mrs. Shane Nichols

Dixon, Ca. 95620

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October 4th 2014
That’s Life©1966 #535 (10-3-14)*

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 Feel Free to Email:Tedhick@gmail.com

The big thing I left out of the Alaska story last week on Mt. Denali…Its over 20,000 feet tall a mile higher than Shasta…

Shasta’s like 34th on the list of tallest mountains in this country…Alaska has a bundle of them in the 15 to 18,000+ foot range.





 LT - Copy

Ever been to Lambtown before? Well it’s here again this weekend. Never been? It’s time to pack up the family and come see the over 150 exhibits, carnival and everything you ever wanted to know about sheep from eating to making sweaters out of them. In the photo above my first wife Linda is seen learning how to spin wool into gold or something.

It runs 10 am to 6 pm both Saturday and Sunday and its only $3 for adults (including seniors) but only a buck for kids 6 to 13 and 6 and under are free as are active duty military. Where else can you go and take the whole family for like $10? Linda and I will be in the tickets booth at the front 10 to 2 both days so stop by and say hello.


Lions Club “Texas Hold-em Night” coming up

LT! - Copy


Saturday, October 18 at 6 pm is the annual Dixon Lions Club Texas Hold-em charity card game. It’s open to any and all who want to have a little fun and help the club earn money for its many local projects. Men and women both play and most of the players are local. They have professional dealers and tables (the photo is from last year’s game).


I’ve played in it for years and it’s a personal challenge to see how long you can last. They start the evening with tri-tip sandwiches which are included in the $75 buy-in cost. You can buy more chips a few times throughout the night. Last year I made it to the second to last table… a personal victory for me. Prizes are awarded to the survivors at the end of the evening.  All of the proceeds go right back into the local community. The event will sell out so if you want a ticket you better call Scott now, at 916-806-7451… and the Lions will even deliver tickets to you.




Not Much Wriggle Room


The two incumbents running for re-election in November for the Dixon City Council are trying to wiggle their way out of their own sordid documented history. They are selling themselves as independents yet both sought and received the backing of the Solano Labor Council and who knows what and who else. A member of the Solano County Labor Council and some of the city’s unions have tried to paint me as anti-worker… Funny thing, I was a member of the AFL-CIO for over 10 years and was the marketing director for the Super U (union) Credit Union in Sacramento for four years. Linda is a retired 15 year SEIU member… Hum…So how am I the bad guy?

Scott Pederson pictured below is the heir apparent of the council majority because he knows how to “go along to get along”. He said not a word as the city treasurer about any of the millions of questionable dollars being spent.

LT2 - Copy

LT3 - Copy

LT4 - Copy

Bogue’s aloof, Bassenitte’s asleep and Pederson doesn’t have a clue… The three amigos.


The B&B boys, Bassinette and Bogue are on record of voting for the stupid $7 million dollar hole downtown, doubling your sewage rates and tripling you water rate… and gave a free ride to a developer plus adding the bonus of more low income apartments for good measure. They are sure you like all of these things and are asking for you to give them four more years to complete their mission of mass destruction of our nice little city. We are being torn apart from within under the guise of: “The government’s doing this for your own good.” You buy this I have some great swamp land in Elmira I can sell you. They can rebut this but I don’t know how.

They can whine, cry, squirm and worm but it won’t change the facts: They sold us down the river and the want you to give them four more years to dig another multi-million dollar hole and to keep giving your tax dollars away. There is no retort to this… just more B.S.

BTW: Mike Ceremello and I are not running together as a team. We don’t get along that well and don’t see eye-to-eye on some issues. We do agree on the basic principle that an elected official needs to remember who elected them and why. Our opponents are trying to tie us together, I guess they’ve never seen the cut throat arguments we’ve had in the press or me publically telling him where to shove this or that. I am only a team player when the team’s headed in the right direction.


LT5 - CopyLT6

That’s Mike with hair. Also seen with Ourania Riddle of the Solano County Taxpayer’s Association at a city council meeting.

All of that aside if you were to only to elect one new person to the council it should be Mike. He is a tenacious bulldog politically and if you want to take him on you better have ALL of your facts in hand. He has nothing to gain by holding the position, just like me. He has served an elected term (as I have) and knows what goes where and why. The three remaining members of the council who are not up for election (who made all of the messes already described) don’t want to see him elected… he is their worst nightmare which means he is the public’s best bet for real representation. Need any more reason to vote for him? Every elected body needs a Ceremello who will listen and be responsive to those who elected him. Remember the photo below of the townspeople marching on city hall asking for a vote only to be rejected?



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October 4th 2014
New Heights

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Where to start today.  It was an interesting week.  We had the Dixon Scottish Cultural Society and the Scottish games on Saturday.  The initiative to repeal the doubled sewer rates rolled into high gear last weekend at Wal-Mart.  On Tuesday, anyone foolish enough to waste their time could have watched exactly why our city council is totally dysfunctional and doesn’t serve the citizens of Dixon in any way.  New heights were reached in many different ways.


It was amusing, and not all that amazing, that we are all such creatures of habit.  Many of you are so used to going to Safeway to sign petitions, and we thank you for that, you still are slow figuring out we are not there this time.  For the next couple of weekends, we will be at Wal-Mart.  It seems that the corporate office of Safeway has decided that allowing citizens to exercise their Constitutional rights, in this case California’s constitution’s right to reverse actions of an irresponsible council through the initiative process, has become a problem.


While I believe that private property rights are paramount, once you become a place of “public accommodation”, in ADA parlance or terminology, different rules apply.  According to recent court rulings, only in communal gathering places in a mall can you exercise certain rights.  Safeway, on the other hand, has decided they will be the arbiters of who can or can’t use the pathways right outside of their building.


Evidently it is more palatable and few complaints are issued against Veterans selling poppies or kids selling Girl Scout cookies than having a contentious issue qualified as a ballot measure.  The opposition simply has to make a point of complaining to discredit or denigrate those peacefully acting as conscientious citizens.  Most of the opposition in Dixon don’t care about other people’s rights as long as they can get in the way or get their way.


In any event, many of you did come out to support those attempting, ONE … MORE … TIME, to force the council to allow the citizens to vote and decide what is best for all of us rather than five brainwashed lunatics who need a two by four upside their heads.  We look forward to seeing many more of you in the coming two weeks despite distractions such as Lambtown this weekend.  We will be manning a booth, or womaning it, from 10 am to 6 pm.


Remember … it is your money.  My question is how do you like those $200 water and sewer bills now?  Just stay with the current scenario as it is going to get worse as the major increase hasn’t occurred yet.

* * * * *

daddy warbucks

Another demonstration of the inanity and total blind ignorance of some in this town leads me to give you one more lesson in simplicity about the waste water waste of money.  A former councilman, I will use the name Steve to protect the innocent as that isn’t really his name (nod, nod … wink, wink), had the gall to parrot the establishment’s mantra that not only are there no other solutions but what we proposed in the form of In-Pipe Technologies wasn’t a solution.  Believe what you want to believe, but here is the truth.


The “activated sludge” project is even less of a solution.  At a cost of $28.5 million, it only removes nitrates and forces the city of Dixon to remove harmless sludge, CONTINUALLY, to already overburdened landfills.  What Jackhole Batchelor and his cronies on the dais aren’t telling you is this is just a precursor to the State Water Board’s ultimate goal of putting in a tertiary treatment plant.  The cost of that will be another $60 to $90 million.  Can you guess where your rates will go to fund that?


As one of my cohorts likes to point out, none of this is necessary as we are polluting nothing.  I had one gentleman who refused to sign our petition tell me, “we will eventually have to do something.”  Although my question remains “WHY?”, let’s assume for a minute that he is correct.


Tertiary treatment coupled with the activated sludge is a total solution with an approximate cost of $100 million.  It requires removal of “brine” and treated sludge.  The option of ferrate treatment coupled with In-Pipe’s bacterial treatment, removes constituents of concern to levels below State mandates while reducing the load entering the treatment plant in the first place.  In addition, there are additional treatment methods which address the existing sludge.  The cost is $1.35 million plus minor costs for transporting the brine and supplying the bacteria.  Which makes more sense (cents) to you?


Maybe Steve isn’t all that sharp.  Maybe Steve simply wants to prove me wrong.  If you aren’t willing to look at facts, we all appreciate the fact you decided not to run for an office for which you are truly unqualified and for which you weren’t qualified when you were in that position.  Now do me a big favor.  Quit wasting my time …

* * * * *

wwwwpissed off

New heights were also reached by the Solano County Republican Central Committee who came out with their endorsement of Scatt Pederson and Devon Minnema for our two open council seats.  Talk about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, these lunatics show exactly why there is so little support for the Republican party and why the TEA party candidates are to be preferred every time.


It is truly nice that Devon managed to weasel his way onto Rush Limbaugh’s radio show “as the State’s youngest candidate”.  Fluff is still fluff.  I don’t vote for candidates because they are minorities, women or novelties.  I vote for them because they are the best qualified to do the job. I don’t want brain surgery from someone only qualified to be a farmer.


Evidently the RINOs are still in control of this organization.  What surprises me to a minor extent is the total lack of respect toward other candidates who are registered Republicans.  One could at least expect to be notified of who their picks were.


Maybe they should have sent a representative to attend the candidates’ forum.  Maybe they should pick up this paper and read the points why Scatt and Minimal have so disqualified themselves from consideration.  Maybe the Republicans are truly no better than the Democrats and are just as big of liars when it comes to “change”.


Neither party wants leaders who are warriors.  They prefer double talking sheep, perfect for Dixon, who will lead us all to slaughter …

* * * * *

Speaking of warriors and freedom lovers, I figured the Scots were all of that and more.  On my way over to the “games”, I was musing about the vote for Scottish independence from Great Britain.  Considering that this was voted down, I had a question for Doug Hicke who runs this event.  “Why?”


Most illuminating was the response that it was all about “pensions”.  Also enlightening was that the governing party in Scotland is socialist.  The residents were afraid they would lose their pensions and therefore their livelihood if they went it alone.  Are you beginning to understand “financial slavery” or “health care slavery” by your progressive liberal friends now?


If it isn’t apparent to you yet, those who govern want total control over you.  Very few of us are self reliant these days.  We are now pawns to be manipulated in some grand scheme of hellish utopianism where only the rulers have choice.  This is social engineering at its finest.


It also occurred to me that the problem with those who would govern us was exactly what the Founders wanted eliminated in this country: an aristocracy.  Those in power believe they are somehow superior to the rest of us, simply because of their positions, wealth or pseudo-intellect.


We see this in the Republican party who endorse old fools such as Thad Cochran in Mississippi and even cheat to enable his re-election.  This country was founded on citizen leadership and turnover in office.  Public office was never suppose to be a royal fiefdom but it has been perverted into exactly that.


Education to this fact is the only solution.  Unfortunately many of us equate freedom to suffering.  It is much easier to let “massah” take care of us rather than do it for ourselves …

* * * * *

Arrogance has reached new heights in Dixon’s city government.  I never thought I would see the day when Dixon would become Cotati.  In the past at least the council pretended it was listening to you.  Now they don’t even feel it is necessary to respond.  Or perhaps it is something else.


When I listed the facts about the raises given to city staff and what it would do to reserves, all I got was silence.  I questioned why the finance director wasn’t there and why the human resources’ person didn’t put the “financial impact” in this staff report.  Turns out she was there.


I would be willing to bet that Joan Michaels Aguilar pointed out the same things I did about the effect on the city budget of these raises.  Political payback being what it is, it is quite obvious that the admonition was ignored much as I was.  The mayor couldn’t call on Aguilar to refute what I said nor could he deny it.  Best just to keep your mouth shut in this situation.


So where was Pederson or Minnema at this meeting?  The mayor excused his candidate of choice, and the Rot-Ary’s, by saying “Scot was attending to business he had”.  So the city’s finances go to hell because Scatt can’t do his day job during day time hours?  The only other candidate not at this meeting was Ted Hickman and he is still recovering from the creeping crud he caught in Alaska.


Scatt is the city’s treasurer.  Before he moves on to council perhaps he should act like a treasurer or someone who can manage other’s finances as he supposedly does as a “controller” for a large corporation.


The larger point is I put this city in the position where it could have addressed the “core area drainage” as well as the drainage on Cypress Street.  We had over $4 million in reserves before Jackhole and company began to squander it on pay backs.  Those incumbents up for election who helped me create this situation can’t see the forest for the trees let alone come up with real solutions.  Holding salaries low would have generated funds which could even address the overpass south of town which was due in 2007.


But noooooo …

* * * * *


One last tidbit for those of you who still can think even though you reside in Dixon.  Dinesh D’Souza, the film maker who created the two documentaries 2016 and America, will be at Don Pippo’s ranch in Vacaville, 4147 Cantelow Road, on November 1st of this year.  Tickets are $30 per person and include a dinner.  The event will be between 4:30 and 7:00 pm.


You can RSVP your reservations NOW by sending an email to this address: constitution225@gmail.com with your name, email address, phone # and the number attending or you can purchase tickets by mail, if your request is postmarked prior to October 10th to the Vaca Valley Tea Party at P.O. Box 2111 Vacaville, CA 95696-2111.


D’Souza is one of those rare individuals who doesn’t believe the liberal establishment’s brainwashing.  Through truly independent research he has attempted to educate those of us who have succumbed.  This will be a truly once in a life time chance to meet a person who epitomizes what all real Americans should be.


I intend to take advantage of the opportunity …

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September 27th 2014
That’s Life©1966 #534 (9-26-14)*

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I like political jokes… until they get elected!


Candidate’s Forum


If you missed the Dixon Chamber of Commerce candidate’s forum for the Dixon City Council election last Wednesday don’t lose any sleep over it. In a nut shell I can tell you how it shook out… just as expected.


yyyyyfrog moving

The power that be (the three man majority on the council not running for election) boosted their next choice to join their little club; Scott Pederson. Pederson who is currently holding the elected eunuch position of city treasurer is being groomed to join his buddies on the council…who, by the way, APPOINTED him to the treasurer’s post. Pederson proved underwhelming in both knowledge and content in his talks. I’m still not sure he doesn’t think he’s running for the school board because of the numerous times he referred to the school district being down hundreds of students as being one of the city’s biggest problems? Go figure. He also claimed it was a mystery and no one could figure it out. No one asked me. I know exactly where the hundreds of student went…we’ve seen the figures trending down the last couple of years in our annual Toys for Tots program and we have the answer.



So we have Scott worrying about missing school children and the incumbents still trying to convince the public “the government’s doing this for your own good” and they are the good guys for voting for a stupid $7 million dollars hole downtown, doubling your sewage rate, tripling your water rates, etc.  Yeah, the public’s  gonna buy that effluent. So in one camp you have the hand-picked city treasurer, the vice mayor who used his Dixon city title to try and help out an accused child molester in court (Bassinette) and the man of the people (Bogue) who stabbed the voters in the back with his votes. That’s Group A.

In the other camp that night you have former city councilman Mike Ceremello (the dreaded political bulldog) who knows no bounds, the 18 year old “shucks I’m just a sophisticated local farm kid” and me…that’s how it shakes out.

The money, power, unions, and whatever else they can gather are supporting group A. In group B we basically only have the people. Of course I’m hoping to see the power group bite it and for the voters to start to get a foothold representation back in our local government.

Group A is smug. Group B is hopeful. The sample ballots will be out shortly so remember when you cast your vote. Group A has already gotten into your pockets for $30+ millions and still wants to build another hole or two downtown. Group B wants to save money and build and over pass to offer equal protection both both sides of the city.

Like I said that evening: “Four years ago I helped get the two incumbents elected…tonight I’m her to help get them un-elected.” They screwed us over more than once; only you can give them four more years to do it some more… or kick them to the curb where they belong.



Conversely I’m trying to become the first man in recorded history to win an election without taking anything from anybody and not spending a penny. I know chances are slim but I also know informed voters may surprise everyone. When you see the signs, get the letters and phone calls look and ask and see who’s buying this candidate through these bribes. In my case, as shown in the photo above, grassroots support can surface anywhere… thank all of you who want me to represent you without any strings attached. Whoever you are that made the sign and whoever sent me the photo, thank you… pretty cool huh?



Eat Free and Meet Logue Sunday

Sunday you might want to attend a “meet and greet” free barbeque for veterans and their guests with Assemblyman Dan Logue, candidate for US Congress.  It’s this Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 12 noon American Legion post 208 1305 north First Street, Dixon, ca 95620. Please RSVP at:  dixonpost208@gmail.com… if you can. If not just show up for a free lunch and meet Dan.


More Things For Thought

 2013 badge 7

My mother was one of the strongest women I ever knew… you should see how far she could throw a shoe.

I don’t throw anything out anymore, I just go to some place like TGIFridays and glue more crap to the wall… no one ever notices.

In my experience the quickest way to escape jury duty is when they read out the charges yell… “Oh! come on! Hell, even I’ve done that!”

I’m starting to think the Hangover Fairy and the Angel of Death are the same character.

There are hospitals for the criminally insane… and there is congress for the insanely criminal.

If I’m ever on death row I’m going to request my last meal from Chili’s… figure that waiting for my order gives me another year at least.

I just dumped a bucket of ice on the damn cat… you’re welcome Lou Gehrig.

 Romantic comedies always give women unrealistic expectations… like porn movies give guys.

Asked a guy in the garden department at Home Depot if he had anything that wouldn’t die… he said “my mother-in-law!”

The wife told me to put on my pajamas and brush my teeth… I said “for chripessakes, dear, I’m a grown man.  I don’t need anyone to tell me how to get ready for story time.”

Definitely one of the things on my bucket list, my “100 things to do before I die”… call an ambulance!

When I was younger my dad showed me pictures so I’d know why to wear a condom during sex… they were all pictures of my brother and I.

I spent the entire afternoon throwing darts at a picture of the wife… when she called and asked what I was doing I said “missing you.”

Jackie yelled at me “this is the LAST time I’m gonna tell you to take out the trash!”… thank God that’s finally over!

As I looked around my house suddenly my problem became very apparent.  Hamsters, a gecko, 2 cats, a dog, a parrot, an iguana and some hermit crabs… I’m a petophile.

I told my wife I wanted to be cremated… she made me an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

 Met a girl in a club the other night who said she’d take me outside and show me a good time… in the parking lot she ran the 100 meters in 9.69 seconds. 

The only wisdom that comes with age is knowing which stores have the nicer rest rooms.

I’m not a scientist but if the Ebola virus is communicable I think that means we can talk to it.

If I had known that small oranges were also known as “cuties” when my wife asked me to “bring a few home” we could have avoided all those really awkward introductions.

I told the young lady I met at the concert I was a tenor… she scoffed and said, “you’re a six and I’m being generous.”

The auto-correct function on my work computer turned “likable” into “lickable”… now the new intern is confused by her evaluation.

I was at the veterinarians today and an old man was standing next to me holding an empty cage and crying… I’d cry too if I was that forgetful.

“You the bomb!”  “No! You the bomb!” A compliment in America… an argument in the Middle East.

Just got home from Costco with an electric player piano, a 12-pack of BBQ lighters and a kayak… crap!  I forgot milk!

I want to open a pizza restaurant and call it “cheesus crust”… our slogan will either be “heavenly ingredients served hot as hell” or “crust has risen!”

I’ve got a lot of sympathy for the caveman that invented the wheel… you just know his mother-in-law continually bitched “she coulda married Grog, he invented fire”.

What was Hitler’s preferred breast size?… not c’s.  Think about it… sound it out.

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time selecting the most desirable potato chips out of the bag… especially for someone who’s going to eat them all anyway.



Defaced Dollar Bill


Ted: You don’t think we’re in a war? A lady in Monte Vista had this dollar bill. This is her story. After dinner she took a $1 dollar bill out of her purse and displayed it on the table. Underneath the words “In God We Trust” someone had stamped the dollar bill in red ink— NO GOD BUT ALLAH. We asked her where she got this dollar bill. She said it was part of her change in Alamosa. We took this picture of her dollar bill. These are beginning to show up all around our country!  If anyone tries to give you one of these dollar bills as change, please refuse it and ask them to give you a dollar bill that has not been defaced Send this on to everyone you can. May God bless our USA — And quickly, before what we know and love is forever gone! Your cousin Dr. M. T. San Deigo

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